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Spencer Speedway Modifieds 2009 standings

Championship points standings for the Spencer Speedway Modifieds 2009

Most race winsFlag Chris Finocchario
Flag Andy Jankowiak
Flag Bill Hebing
Flag Tony Hanbury
Most podium positionsFlag Andy Jankowiak

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Amy Catalano, Chris Finocchario, Buck Catalano, Kevin Timmerman, Rick Kluth Jr., Ryan Beeman, Andy Jankowiak, Daryl Lewis, Jr., Erich Stritzel, Matt Lees, Bill Hebing, Andy Lewis, Fred Taylor, Toad Bradshaw, Tony Hanbury, Scott Combs, Dan Scott, Mark Cline, Terry Cheetham, Phil Wehrheim, Jody London, Kreig Heroth, Paul Jeffers, Christopher Wehrheim, Jeff Hamman, Ron Wildey, II, Zach Truesdail, Jeff Polaski, Gerry Gradl, Jr., Dick Kluth, Jeff Price, Eddie Hawkins, Kevin Lewis, Ed Weber, Jimmy Zacharias, Jonathon Price, Patsy Catalano, Joey Evans, Todd Hoddick, Steve Fuchs, Lee Sharpsteen, Tom Ruddy, Tom Fecteau43

Individual driver statistics for the 2009 Spencer Speedway Modifieds

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Beeman, RyanFlag n/a120
Bradshaw, ToadFlag n/a900
Catalano, AmyFlag 36 y/o131
Catalano, BuckFlag n/a131
Catalano, PatsyFlag n/a200
Cheetham, TerryFlag n/a600
Cline, MarkFlag n/a600
Combs, ScottFlag n/a700
Evans, JoeyFlag n/a200
Fecteau, TomFlag n/a100
Finocchario, ChrisFlag 30 y/o132
Fuchs, SteveFlag n/a100
Gradl, Jr., GerryFlag n/a30
Hamman, JeffFlag n/a400
Hanbury, TonyFlag n/a62
Hawkins, EddieFlag n/a100
Hebing, BillFlag n/a102
Heroth, KreigFlag n/a400
Hoddick, ToddFlag n/a100
Jankowiak, AndyFlag 21 y/o1222
Jeffers, PaulFlag n/a500
Kluth, DickFlag n/a300
Kluth Jr., RickFlag n/a131
Lees, MattFlag n/a1300
Lewis, AndyFlag n/a1100
Lewis, KevinFlag n/a100
Lewis, Jr., DarylFlag n/a1200
London, JodyFlag n/a600
Polaski, JeffFlag n/a200
Price, JeffFlag n/a10
Price, JonathonFlag n/a200
Ruddy, TomFlag n/a100
Scott, DanFlag n/a600
Sharpsteen, LeeFlag n/a100
Stritzel, ErichFlag n/a130
Taylor, FredFlag n/a1100
Timmerman, KevinFlag n/a130
Truesdail, ZachFlag n/a200
Weber, EdFlag n/a100
Wehrheim, ChristopherFlag 23 y/o300
Wehrheim, PhilFlag n/a500
Wildey, II, RonFlag n/a300
Zacharias, JimmyFlag 18 y/o211
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