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Spa Six Hours Classic GTS12 Class 2019 standings

Race results for Spa Six Hours Classic GTS12 Class 2019

1.Flag Wolfgang FriedrichsAston Martin DB4 GT DP214Aston Martin 3.8
1.Flag Simon HadfieldAston Martin DB4 GT DP214Aston Martin 3.8
1.Flag Michael MallockAston Martin DB4 GT DP214Aston Martin 3.8
2.Flag Thierry de Latre du BosqueauShelby CobraFord 4.7
Pole position
Fastest lap
2.Flag Christophe van RietShelby CobraFord 4.7
3.Flag Patrick Blakeney-EdwardsJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.9
3.Flag Mike Grant-PeterkinJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.9
3.Flag Martin HuntJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.9
3.Flag Frederic WakemanJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.9
4.Flag Female Jamie ChadwickJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
4.Flag Female Katarina KyvalovaJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
5.Flag Alex MontgomeryShelby Mustang GT350Ford 4.7
5.Flag Nicholas SleepShelby Mustang GT350Ford 4.7
5.Flag Joel WykehamShelby Mustang GT350Ford 4.7
6.Flag Brady BeltramelliChevrolet Corvette C2Chevrolet 6.5
6.Flag Jose BeltramelliChevrolet Corvette C2Chevrolet 6.5
7.Flag Kallum GrayJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
7.Flag Michael GrayJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
8.Flag Lukas HalusaJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.9
8.Flag Niklas HalusaJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.9
8.Flag John MegrueJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.9
9.Flag Alexis de BeaumontShelby CobraFord 4.8
9.Flag Eric de DonckerShelby CobraFord 4.8
9.Flag MaverickShelby CobraFord 4.8
10.Flag Crispin HarrisAustin-Healey 3000BMC 3.0
10.Flag James WilmothAustin-Healey 3000BMC 3.0
11.Flag Read GommJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
11.Flag Marc GordonJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
11.Flag Stefan ZieglerJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
12.Flag Henry HamunenShelby Mustang GT350Ford 4.7
12.Flag Peter HiltunenShelby Mustang GT350Ford 4.7
13.Flag Geert BoelsTVR Griffith 400Ford 4.7
13.Flag Kees SeldersTVR Griffith 400Ford 4.7
13.Flag Freddy van SprundelTVR Griffith 400Ford 4.7
14.Flag Chris ClarksonShelby Cobra DaytonaFord 4.7
14.Flag Mark PangbornShelby Cobra DaytonaFord 4.7
14.Flag David SmithiesShelby Cobra DaytonaFord 4.7
15.Flag Nigel ReubenTVR GriffithFord 4.7
15.Flag Oliver Lewis ReubenTVR GriffithFord 4.7
16.Flag Yoshio SekiguchiAustin-Healey 3000BMC 3.0
16.Flag Masakazu TotsukaAustin-Healey 3000BMC 3.0
16.Flag Noriaki UchinoAustin-Healey 3000BMC 3.0
Flag Kevin BirdShelby Mustang GT350Ford 4.7
Flag Guy ChriquiJaguar E-Type Semi-LightweightJaguar 3.8
Flag John ClarkJaguar E-Type LightweightJaguar 3.8
Flag Jeremy CookeShelby Mustang GT350Ford 4.7
Flag Pascal DelporteJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
Flag Marc DevisShelby Mustang GT350Ford 4.7
Flag Eric DouartJaguar E-Type Semi-LightweightJaguar 3.8
Flag Christian DumolinShelby Mustang GT350Ford 4.7
Flag Michel DupontTVR GriffithFord 4.7
Flag Guy FastresJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
Flag Didier GruauShelby CobraFord 4.7
Flag Julien GruauShelby CobraFord 4.7
Flag Alain JadotJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
Flag Oliver JungShelby Mustang GT350Ford 4.7
Flag Philippe LambilliotteTVR GriffithFord 4.7
Flag Alasdair McCaigJaguar E-Type LightweightJaguar 3.8
Flag Martin MellingJaguar E-Type Low DragJaguar 3.8
Flag Jason MinshawJaguar E-Type Low DragJaguar 3.8
Flag Jon MinshawJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
Flag Graham PattleJaguar E-Type Low DragJaguar 3.8
Flag Garry PearsonJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
Flag Jean-Michel PonceletJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
Flag Helmut RothenbergerShelby Mustang GT350Ford 4.7
Flag Andrew SmithJaguar E-Type LightweightJaguar 3.8
Flag Pierre-Alain ThibautShelby Mustang GT350Ford 4.7
Flag Martin ThomasShelby Mustang GT350Ford 4.7
Flag Gaetan WoitrinShelby Mustang GT350Ford 4.7
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