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Spa Six Hours Classic GTS12 Class 2017 standings

Race results for Spa Six Hours Classic GTS12 Class 2017

1.Flag Wolfgang FriedrichsAston Martin DP214Aston Martin 4.0
1.Flag Simon HadfieldAston Martin DP214Aston Martin 4.0
1.Flag Michael MallockAston Martin DP214Aston Martin 4.0
2.Flag Dominic BarnesShelby CobraFord 4.8
2.Flag James McIntyreShelby CobraFord 4.8
3.Flag Calum LockieJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
3.Flag Julian ThomasJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
4.Flag Mike JordanTVR GriffithFord 4.7
4.Flag Nigel ReubenTVR GriffithFord 4.7
4.Flag Oliver Lewis ReubenTVR GriffithFord 4.7
5.Flag John ClarkJaguar E-type LightweightJaguar 3.8
5.Flag Miles GriffithsJaguar E-type LightweightJaguar 3.8
5.Flag Phil KeenJaguar E-type Lightweight
Jaguar E-type
Jaguar 3.8
Jaguar 3.8

6.Flag José CloseShelby CobraFord 4.7
6.Flag Thierry de Latre du BosqueauShelby CobraFord 4.7
7.Flag Neil HardyAustin-Healey 3000BMC 3.0
7.Flag Nils-Frederik NyblaeusAustin-Healey 3000BMC 3.0
7.Flag Jaap SinkeAustin-Healey 3000BMC 3.0
8.Flag Kees SeldersTVR GriffithFord 4.7
8.Flag Freddy van SprundelTVR GriffithFord 4.7
9.Flag Alexander KolbAustin-Healey 3000BMC 3.0
9.Flag Julius-Ferdinand KolbAustin-Healey 3000BMC 3.0
9.Flag Christian MenzelAustin-Healey 3000BMC 3.0
10.Flag Simon DrinkallAustin-Healey 3000BMC 3.0
10.Flag Tony WorthingtonAustin-Healey 3000BMC 3.0
11.Flag Nigel ArmstrongShelby CobraFord 4.8
11.Flag Mark FreemanShelby CobraFord 4.8
12.Flag Female Katarina KyvalovaJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
12.Flag Jon MinshawJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
13.Flag Jonathan KennardJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
13.Flag Andrew KirkaldyJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
13.Flag Martin O'ConnellJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
14.Flag Charles GillettJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
14.Flag Female Charlie MartinJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
15.Flag Sam HancockJaguar E-type LightweightJaguar 3.8
15.Flag Alexander RittwegerJaguar E-type LightweightJaguar 3.8
16.Flag David HartShelby Cobra DaytonaFord 4.7
Pole position
Fastest lap
16.Flag Olivier HartShelby Cobra DaytonaFord 4.7
Pole position
Fastest lap
16.Flag Nicky PastorelliShelby Cobra DaytonaFord 4.7
Pole position
Fastest lap
17.Flag Henry HamunenShelby Mustang GT350 '65
17.Flag Peter HiltunenShelby Mustang GT350 '65
18.Flag Kallum GrayJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
18.Flag Michael GrayJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
Flag David AllenShelby GT350Ford 4.7
Flag Frédéric BouvyShelby CobraFord 4.8
Flag Paul Chase-GardenerShelby GT350Ford 4.7
Flag Bernard de DryverTVR GriffithFord 4.7
Flag Christian DumolinShelby CobraFord 4.8
Flag Michel DupontTVR GriffithFord 4.7
Flag Daniel GibsonShelby Cobra DaytonaFord 4.7
Flag Paul GibsonShelby Cobra DaytonaFord 4.7
Flag Max GirardoShelby CobraFord 4.7
Flag Rob HallJaguar E-type Low DragJaguar 3.8
Flag Simon JonesShelby GT350Ford 4.7
Flag Philippe LambilliotteTVR GriffithFord 4.7
Flag Martin MellingJaguar E-type Low DragJaguar 3.8
Flag Jason MinshawJaguar E-type Low DragJaguar 3.8
Flag Alex MontgomeryShelby GT350Ford 4.7
Flag Scott ReddingShelby CobraFord 4.7
Flag Nicholas SleepShelby GT350Ford 4.7
Flag Harvey StanleyShelby CobraFord 4.7
Flag Patrick van HeurckShelby GT350Ford 4.7
Flag Christophe van RietShelby CobraFord 4.8
Flag Gaetan WoitrinShelby GT350Ford 4.7
Flag Joel WykehamShelby GT350Ford 4.7
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