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Spa Six Hours Classic GTS11 Class 2021 standings

Race results for Spa Six Hours Classic GTS11 Class 2021

1.Flag Christian CollPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
Pole position
Fastest lap
1.Flag Seb PerezPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
2.Flag Robert RaweTriumph TR4Triumph 2.2
2.Flag Xavier Sanz de AcedoTriumph TR4Triumph 2.2
2.Flag Mike ThorneTriumph TR4Triumph 2.2
3.Flag Frédéric Di EgidioPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
3.Flag Guido Di EgidioPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
4.Flag Luc GeebelenPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
4.Flag Xavier MartensPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
5.Flag James OwenTriumph TR4Triumph 2.2
5.Flag Colin SharpTriumph TR4Triumph 2.2
6.Flag Jussi ItävuoriPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
6.Flag Markus PalttalaPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
6.Flag Risto VirtanenPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
7.Flag Simon AlexanderMGB RoadsterBMC 1.9
7.Flag Jayson FongMGB RoadsterBMC 1.9
7.Flag Chris GreenwoodMGB RoadsterBMC 1.9
8.Flag Steve OsbornePorsche 911Porsche 2.0
8.Flag Rob SmithPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
8.Flag Chris WardPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
9.Flag Patrick KolbPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
9.Flag Uwe KolbPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
10.Flag Bernard FilliersPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
10.Flag Patrick van HeurckPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
11.Flag Peter MallettGilbern GT1800BMC 1.8
11.Flag Iain RowleyGilbern GT1800BMC 1.8
11.Flag David SmithGilbern GT1800BMC 1.8
12.Flag James BatesPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
12.Flag Mark BatesPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
13.Flag Dean DesantisPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
13.Flag David HintonPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
14.Flag Jon PayneTriumph TR4 SLRTriumph 2.2
14.Flag Brian WhiteTriumph TR4 SLRTriumph 2.2
15.Flag Luc de CockTVR Grantura Mk. IIIBMC 1.8
15.Flag Tim JoosenTVR Grantura Mk. IIIBMC 1.8
15.Flag Jos WymeerschTVR Grantura Mk. IIIBMC 1.8
16.Flag Jordan LejeuneTriumph TR4Triumph 2.2
16.Flag Paul LejeuneTriumph TR4Triumph 2.2
Flag Bart BlommaertMGBBMC 1.8
Flag Juan Pablo BrionesPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
Flag Dorsan De CraenePorsche 911Porsche 2.0
Flag Philippe De CraenePorsche 911Porsche 2.0
Flag Kurt EckePorsche 911Porsche 2.0
Flag Didier ForrierMGBBMC 1.8
Flag Neil FowlerMGB RoadsterBMC 1.8
Flag Arnold HerremanMGBBMC 1.8
Flag Harold HerremanMGBBMC 1.8
Flag Klaus HornPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
Flag Jasper IzaksMGBBMC 1.8
Flag Rikkert LeemanMGBBMC 1.8
Flag Russell McCarthyMGB RoadsterBMC 1.8
Flag Guy MortreuMGBBMC 1.8
Flag Louis MortreuMGBBMC 1.8
Flag Ollie NeavesMGB RoadsterBMC 1.8
Flag Pascal PandelaarPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
Flag Sjoerd PeereboomMGBBMC 1.8
Flag Anthony SchrauwenMGBBMC 1.8
Flag Andrew SmithPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
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