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SAP Spa Six Hours GTS11 Class 2018 standings

Race results for SAP Spa Six Hours GTS11 Class 2018

1.Flag Jon PayneTriumph TR4 SLRTriumph 2.2
1.Flag Brian WhiteTriumph TR4 SLRTriumph 2.2
Pole position
Fastest lap
2.Flag John EmbersonMorgan Plus 4 SLRTriumph 2.1
2.Flag Peter HorsmanMorgan Plus 4 SLRTriumph 2.1
2.Flag Bill WykehamMorgan Plus 4 SLRTriumph 2.1
3.Flag Jasper IzaksMGBBMC 1.8
3.Flag Sjoerd PeereboomMGBBMC 1.8
3.Flag Tom SmithMGBBMC 1.8
4.Flag Luc de CockTVR Grantura Mk.IIIBMC 1.8
4.Flag Dorian KrugerTVR Grantura Mk.IIIBMC 1.8
4.Flag Jos WymeerschTVR Grantura Mk.IIIBMC 1.8
5.Flag Robin EllisPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
5.Flag Robert WilliamsPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
5.Flag Steve WinterPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
6.Flag Bob BinfieldGilbern GT1800BMC 1.8
6.Flag Sam BinfieldGilbern GT1800BMC 1.8
6.Flag William NuthallGilbern GT1800BMC 1.8
7.Flag Didier ForrierMGBBMC 1.8
7.Flag Guy MortreuMGBBMC 1.8
8.Flag Till BechtolsheimerMGBBMC 2.0
8.Flag Tony BianchiMGBBMC 2.0
9.Flag Bob LuffMGBBMC 1.8
9.Flag Ian PriorMGBBMC 1.8
10.Flag Robert RaweTriumph TR4Triumph 2.2
10.Flag Xavier Sanz de AcedoTriumph TR4Triumph 2.2
11.Flag Simon CrippsMGBBMC 1.9
11.Flag Spencer McCarthyMGBBMC 1.9
11.Flag Peter SamuelsMGBBMC 1.9
12.Flag Michael BellMorgan Plus 4 Super SportsTriumph 2.2
12.Flag Rick BourneMorgan Plus 4 Super SportsTriumph 2.2
12.Flag Simon Orebi GannMorgan Plus 4 Super SportsTriumph 2.2
13.Flag Keith AhlersMorgan Plus 4Triumph 2.1
13.Flag James BellingerMorgan Plus 4Triumph 2.1
13.Flag Christian BockMorgan Plus 4Triumph 2.1
14.Flag Cédric BaetenPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
14.Flag Luc GeebelenPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
14.Flag Xavier MartensPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
15.Flag Philippe De CraenePorsche 911Porsche 2.0
15.Flag Bernard FilliersPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
16.Flag Jean-André CollardPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
16.Flag Serge LibensPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
17.Flag Dominic MooneyMGBBMC 1.8
17.Flag Brian SmallMGBBMC 1.8
18.Flag Carlos Beltran AndreuPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
18.Flag Juan Pablo BrionesPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
18.Flag Klaus HornPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
19.Flag Pascal PandelaarPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
19.Flag Michiel van DuijvendijkPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
20.Flag Nick CrewdsonMGBBMC 1.8
20.Flag Juin Cheng LimMGBBMC 1.8
20.Flag Chris RyanMGBBMC 1.8
Flag Robert BarriePorsche 911Porsche 2.0
Flag René BrugmansMGBBMC 1.8
Flag Raphaël de BormanMGBBMC 1.8
Flag Frédéric Di EgidioPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
Flag Guido Di EgidioPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
Flag Neil FowlerMGBBMC 1.8
Flag Arnold HerremanMGBBMC 1.8
Flag Harold HerremanMGBBMC 1.8
Flag Jean-Paul HerremanMGBBMC 1.8
Flag Steve JonesPorsche 911Porsche 2.0
Flag Henry MannTVR GranturaBMC 1.8
Flag Russell McCarthyMGBBMC 1.8
Flag Sean McInerneyTVR GranturaBMC 1.8
Flag James OwenTriumph TR4Triumph 2.1
Flag Richard OwenTriumph TR4Triumph 2.1
Flag Mark ScottMGBBMC 1.8
Flag Colin SharpTriumph TR4Triumph 2.1
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