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SAP Spa Six Hours GTS10 Class 2018 standings

Race results for SAP Spa Six Hours GTS10 Class 2018

1.Flag Shaun BalfeLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
1.Flag David PittardLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
Pole position
Fastest lap
1.Flag Oliver StirlingLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
2.Flag James ClaridgeLotus ElanFord 1.6
2.Flag Gonçalo GomesLotus ElanFord 1.6
3.Flag James HansonLotus ElanFord 1.6
3.Flag David TomlinLotus ElanFord 1.6
4.Flag Michael SchryverLotus Elan 26R ShapecraftFord 1.6
4.Flag Will SchryverLotus Elan 26R ShapecraftFord 1.6
4.Flag Marcus WellerLotus Elan 26R ShapecraftFord 1.6
5.Flag Chris CooperLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
5.Flag Chris FoxLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
5.Flag Nick PinkLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
6.Flag Anthony HancockLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
6.Flag Steve NicholsLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
6.Flag Mel TaylorLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
7.Flag Christian Graf von WedelLotus ElanFord 1.6
7.Flag Lando Graf von WedelLotus ElanFord 1.6
8.Flag Andrew SmithLotus ElanFord 1.6
8.Flag Daniel SmithLotus ElanFord 1.6
8.Flag Simon SmithLotus ElanFord 1.6
9.Flag Martyn CorfieldLotus Elan 26R ShapecraftFord 1.6
9.Flag Andrew HaydenLotus Elan 26R ShapecraftFord 1.6
9.Flag Mark MidgleyLotus Elan 26R ShapecraftFord 1.6
10.Flag Andrew HaddonLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
10.Flag Shaun LynnLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
10.Flag Mark MartinLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
11.Flag Martin EyearsLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
11.Flag Andrew HallLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
11.Flag Michael SquireLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
12.Flag Michael CaineLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
12.Flag Richard MeadenLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
12.Flag Grant TromansLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
Flag Alain CrefcoeurLotus ElanFord 1.6
Flag Thomas DozinLotus ElanFord 1.6
Flag Marek ReichmanLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
Flag Darren TurnerLotus Elan 26RFord 1.6
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