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SAP Spa Six Hours CT10 Class 2018 standings

Race results for SAP Spa Six Hours CT10 Class 2018

1.Flag Robert CroftonFord MustangFord 4.7
1.Flag Nicholas RuddellFord MustangFord 4.7
2.Flag Nigel GreensallFord MustangFord 4.7
2.Flag Chris MilnerFord MustangFord 4.7
2.Flag Christiaen van LanschotFord MustangFord 4.7
Pole position
3.Flag Nigel BatchelorFord MustangFord 4.7
3.Flag Paul CarterFord MustangFord 4.7
3.Flag Nick SwiftFord MustangFord 4.7
4.Flag Bernd GeorgiFord Falcon SprintFord 4.7
4.Flag Manfredo Rossi di MonteleraFord Falcon SprintFord 4.7
4.Flag Albert WeinzierlFord Falcon SprintFord 4.7
5.Flag Aston BlakeFord MustangFord 4.7
5.Flag Alex TaylorFord MustangFord 4.7
5.Flag Trevor TaylorFord Mustang
6.Flag Charles KauffmanFord MustangFord 4.7
6.Flag Joel PrimFord MustangFord 4.7
6.Flag Donny WagnerFord MustangFord 4.7
7.Flag John DicksonFord MustangFord 4.7
7.Flag Luke WosFord MustangFord 4.7
7.Flag Andy YoolFord MustangFord 4.7
8.Flag Simon ClarkeFord MustangFord 4.7
8.Flag James HadfieldFord MustangFord 4.7
8.Flag Michael LyonsFord MustangFord 4.7
9.Flag David CoyneFord Falcon SprintFord 4.7
9.Flag Christopher GoddardFord Falcon SprintFord 4.7
9.Flag Mark WrightFord Falcon SprintFord 4.7
10.Flag Andrew FrankelFord FalconFord 4.7
10.Flag Louis FrankelFord FalconFord 4.7
10.Flag Richard FrankelFord FalconFord 4.7
11.Flag Emiel de WeerdtFord MustangFord 4.7
11.Flag Ludo KerkhofsFord MustangFord 4.7
11.Flag André van DyckFord MustangFord 4.7
12.Flag Paul ClaysonFord MustangFord 4.7
12.Flag Georg KjallgrenFord MustangFord 4.7
12.Flag Robert OldershawFord MustangFord 4.7
Flag Nick ChesterFord FalconFord 4.7
Flag Alan GreenhalghFord Falcon SprintFord 4.7
Flag Robin GreenhalghFord Falcon SprintFord 4.7
Flag Phil MulacekFord MustangFord 4.7
Flag Pierre MulacekFord MustangFord 4.7
Flag Sterling MulacekFord MustangFord 4.7
Flag Alexis van de PoeleFord Falcon SprintFord 4.7
Flag Robin WardFord FalconFord 4.7
Fastest lap
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