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Southern Superstars Short Track Series 2009 standings

Championship points standings for the Southern Superstars Short Track Series 2009

Most race winsFlag John Wilkinson
Most podium positionsFlag John Wilkinson
Most podium positions without a winFlag Chase Oliver

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag John Wilkinson, Chase Oliver, Lee Hansard, Jeff Letson, Brian Bentley, Brandon Hall, Gary Nix, John Henegar, Jr., Keith Cahela, Josh Belter, Johnny Brazier, Scott Dunn, Bobby Castleberry, Andy Antinoro, Gary Sanford, Jr., Dennis Reno, Jr., Nathan Davis, Wesley Davis, Ken McFarland, John Bolen, Jonathon Storms, Jay Robinson, Jr., Chase Knox, Phil Renfroe, Pat Cruise, Edwin Gurley, Bobby Knox, Jr., Heath Hindman, Bubba Pollard, Chris Hornsby, Augie Grill, Hunter Robbins, Clay Alexander, Jackie McGuire, Marty Pierce, Craig Bell, Greg Jones, K.J. Pickett, Charlie Jenkins, Roger Cain, Chris Serio, Jared Smith, Joe Hornsby, Donnie Wilson, Gary Wade Finley, Josh McWhorter46

Individual driver statistics for the 2009 Southern Superstars Short Track Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Alexander, ClayFlag n/a101
Antinoro, AndyFlag n/a302
Bell, CraigFlag n/a100
Belter, JoshFlag n/a500
Bentley, BrianFlag n/a600
Bolen, JohnFlag n/a201
Brazier, JohnnyFlag n/a512
Cahela, KeithFlag n/a502
Cain, RogerFlag n/a100
Castleberry, BobbyFlag n/a400
Cruise, PatFlag n/a200
Davis, NathanFlag n/a300
Davis, WesleyFlag n/a300
Dunn, ScottFlag n/a400
Finley, Gary WadeFlag n/a100
Grill, AugieFlag 32 y/o111
Gurley, EdwinFlag n/a200
Hall, BrandonFlag n/a600
Hansard, LeeFlag n/a900
Henegar, Jr., JohnFlag n/a611
Hindman, HeathFlag n/a200
Hornsby, ChrisFlag n/a200
Hornsby, JoeFlag n/a100
Jenkins, CharlieFlag n/a100
Jones, GregFlag n/a100
Knox, ChaseFlag n/a200
Knox, Jr., BobbyFlag n/a200
Letson, JeffFlag n/a811
McFarland, KenFlag n/a200
McGuire, JackieFlag n/a100
McWhorter, JoshFlag n/a100
Nix, GaryFlag n/a600
Oliver, ChaseFlag n/a904
Pickett, K.J.Flag n/a100
Pierce, MartyFlag n/a100
Pollard, BubbaFlag 22 y/o200
Renfroe, PhilFlag n/a200
Reno, Jr., DennisFlag 30 y/o322
Robbins, HunterFlag 17 y/o101
Robinson, Jr., JayFlag n/a300
Sanford, Jr., GaryFlag n/a301
Serio, ChrisFlag n/a100
Smith, JaredFlag n/a100
Storms, JonathonFlag n/a200
Wilkinson, JohnFlag n/a937
Wilson, DonnieFlag n/a100
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