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Southern Ontario Sprints 1998 standings

Championship points standings for the Southern Ontario Sprints 1998

Most race winsFlag Mike Ling
Most podium positionsFlag Mike Ling
Most podium positions without a winFlag Jim Wohlfeil
Flag Matt Fortner
Flag Dick Mahoney

Nationality of participating drivers

80%CanadaFlag Garry Evans, Dave MacLeod, Rick Burt, Mike Ling, Les MacMillan, Joel Lehman, Matt Fortner, John Riegling, Dick Mahoney, Robert Mesmer, Mark Christiano, Carl Babcock, Vic de Vries, Tom Huppunen, Bud Link Jr, Bert Reaume16
20%U.S.A.Flag Jerry Whitney, Jim Wohlfeil, Mike Stelter, Mark Irwin4

Individual driver statistics for the 1998 Southern Ontario Sprints

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Babcock, CarlFlag n/a20000
Burt, RickFlag n/a30000
Christiano, MarkFlag n/a20000
de Vries, VicFlag n/a30000
Evans, GarryFlag 46 y/o4130
Fortner, MattFlag n/a3010
Huppunen, TomFlag n/a10000
Irwin, MarkFlag 43 y/o10000
Lehman, JoelFlag n/a6330
Ling, MikeFlag n/a7560
Link Jr, BudFlag n/a20000
MacLeod, DaveFlag n/a30000
MacMillan, LesFlag n/a30000
Mahoney, DickFlag n/a3010
Mesmer, RobertFlag n/a20000
Reaume, BertFlag n/a10000
Riegling, JohnFlag n/a30000
Stelter, MikeFlag n/a4340
Whitney, JerryFlag 49 y/o4110
Wohlfeil, JimFlag 59 y/o3010
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