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Bobby Murray Chevrolet GM Performance Parts Late Model Stocks 2008 standings

Championship points standings for the Bobby Murray Chevrolet GM Performance Parts Late Model Stocks 2008

Most race winsFlag Corey Strickland
Flag Kyle Hall
Most podium positionsFlag Kyle Hall
Most podium positions without a winFlag Greg Barnette
Flag Cliff Daniels
Flag Tommy Lemons, Jr
Flag Davin Scites

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Corey Strickland, Kyle Hall, Sherman Davis, Ryan Rhodes, Michael Rouse, Michael Hardin, Doug Godsey, Joe Heigl, Ron Langley, C.E. Falk, III, Scott Wise, Matt McCall, Dustin Turnage, Logan Bunning, Rusty Daniels, Adam Strickland, Mike Chambers, Craig Goess Jr, Thomas Burbage, Brandon Hobbs, Greg Barnette, Deac McCaskill, Melvin Langley, Taylor Howard, Chris Hairfield, Joey Coulter, Brandon Gray, Leigh Caruthers, Phillip Gibson Jr, Tiffany Daniels, Randy Renfrow, Brian Chase, Cliff Daniels, Robbie Ward, Justin Milliken, Cam Strader, Dan Watkins, Jason Miller, Brad Mutchlen, John Whaley, Matt DiBenedetto, Adam Murray, Tommy Lemons, Jr, Davin Scites, Jonathan Cash, Bubba Wallace, Gene Kirila III, Justin Johnson, Andrew Thomas, Rodney Cook, Justin Snow, Jamey Caudill, Jake Crum, Rusty Stokes, Russ Ellis, Steve Wallace, Clay Rogers, Chad Kendrick, Brad Brinkley, Jamie Yelton, Stacy Puryear, Terry Brooks Jr, Joey Miller63

Individual driver statistics for the 2008 Bobby Murray Chevrolet GM Performance Parts Late Model Stocks

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Barnette, GregFlag n/a701
Brinkley, BradFlag n/a100
Brooks Jr, TerryFlag 26 y/o100
Bunning, LoganFlag n/a400
Burbage, ThomasFlag 31 y/o70
Caruthers, LeighFlag n/a200
Cash, JonathanFlag 27 y/o100
Caudill, JameyFlag 38 y/o100
Chambers, MikeFlag n/a400
Chase, BrianFlag n/a400
Cook, RodneyFlag 39 y/o100
Coulter, JoeyFlag 18 y/o31
Crum, JakeFlag 16 y/o1000
Daniels, CliffFlag n/a201
Daniels, RustyFlag n/a700
Daniels, TiffanyFlag 23 y/o200
Davis, ShermanFlag 36 y/o190
DiBenedetto, MattFlag 16 y/o200
Ellis, RussFlag n/a100
Falk, III, C.E.Flag 20 y/o300
Gibson Jr, PhillipFlag n/a500
Godsey, DougFlag n/a101
Goess Jr, CraigFlag n/a200
Gray, BrandonFlag n/a200
Hairfield, ChrisFlag n/a400
Hall, KyleFlag n/a18610
Hardin, MichaelFlag n/a190
Heigl, JoeFlag n/a600
Hobbs, BrandonFlag n/a700
Howard, TaylorFlag n/a200
Johnson, JustinFlag 21 y/o100
Kendrick, ChadFlag n/a100
Kirila III, GeneFlag n/a100
Langley, MelvinFlag n/a70
Langley, RonFlag n/a110
Lemons, Jr, TommyFlag n/a101
McCall, MattFlag 26 y/o71
McCaskill, DeacFlag n/a322
Miller, JasonFlag n/a100
Miller, JoeyFlag n/a00000
Milliken, JustinFlag n/a200
Murray, AdamFlag n/a200
Mutchlen, BradFlag n/a100
Puryear, StacyFlag n/a100
Renfrow, RandyFlag 50 y/o100
Rhodes, RyanFlag n/a131
Rogers, ClayFlag 27 y/o100
Rouse, MichaelFlag n/a170
Scites, DavinFlag n/a101
Snow, JustinFlag n/a100
Stokes, RustyFlag n/a100
Strader, CamFlag n/a100
Strickland, AdamFlag n/a1800
Strickland, CoreyFlag n/a196
Thomas, AndrewFlag n/a100
Turnage, DustinFlag n/a400
Wallace, BubbaFlag 14 y/o100
Wallace, SteveFlag 20 y/o100
Ward, RobbieFlag n/a200
Watkins, DanFlag n/a100
Whaley, JohnFlag n/a100
Wise, ScottFlag n/a122
Yelton, JamieFlag n/a100
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