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Sage Fruit Front Row Challenge 2022 standings

Race results for Sage Fruit Front Row Challenge 2022

1.Flag Kyle LarsonSilva MotorsportsEMiHoosier
2.Flag Carson MacedoJohnson Dietz RacingHoosier
3.Flag Anthony MacriMacri MotorsportsHoosier
4.Flag Brian BrownBrian Brown RacingMaximHoosier
5.Flag Daryn PittmanHeffner RacingMaximHoosier
6.Flag Giovanni ScelziKCP RacingToyotaHoosier
7.Flag Marcus DumesnyDumesny RacingMaximHoosier
8.Flag Buddy KofoidCrouch MotorsportsHoosier
9.Flag Austin McCarlHoosier
10.Flag Parker Price-MillerSam McGhee MotorsportsHoosier
11.Flag Corey DayMeyers RacingHoosier
12.Flag Ayrton GennettenHoosier
13.Flag J J HickleJ&JHoosier
14.Flag Sawyer PhillipsHoosier
15.Flag Aaron ReutzelHoosier
16.Flag Rusty HickmanHoosier
17.Flag Blake HahnHoosier
18.Flag Justin SandersKevin Swindell RacingHoosier
19.Flag Ian MadsenTKS MotorsportsHoosier
20.Flag Carson ShortSnow RacingHoosier
21.Flag Kyle ReinhardtHoosier
22.Flag Riley GoodnoHoosier
23.Flag Jack DoverHoosier
24.Flag Colby CopelandHoosier
25.Flag Chad KemenahSorokach MotorsportsHoosier
26.Flag Ryan TimmsHoosier
27.Flag Tasker PhillipsHoosier
28.Flag Kelly MillerHoosier
29.Flag Brandon AllenGF1Hoosier
Flag Kerry MadsenRoth MotorsportsHoosier
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