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South Boston Speedway Late Models 2010 standings

Championship points standings for the South Boston Speedway Late Models 2010

Most race winsFlag Justin Johnson
Most podium positionsFlag Justin Johnson
Most podium positions without a winFlag David Latour
Flag Peyton Sellers

Nationality of participating drivers

98.4%U.S.A.Flag Justin Johnson, Lee Pulliam, Stacy Puryear, Deac McCaskill, Eddie Johnson, David Latour, Philip Morris, Michael Hardin, Nick Smith, Jeb Burton, Peyton Sellers, Natalie Sather, Josh Oakley, Lawrence Boan, Tommy Lemons, Jr, Ronald Hill, Matthew Waltz, Richard Storm, Leigh Caruthers, Bruce Anderson, C.E. Falk, III, Dustin Storm, Doug Godsey, David Quackenbush, Jonathan Cash, John Howard, Sam Hunt, Kenny Forbes, Rodney Cook, Wesley Falk, Stephen Berry, Brandon Dean, Julia Landauer, Chad Harris, Dennis Holdren, Matt Bowling, Kyle Waltz, Terry Carroll, Derrick Lancaster, Bugs Hairfield, Jeff Oleen, Speedy Faucette, Jerame Donley, Greg Edwards, Shannon Marano, Jeff Shiftlett, Bobby Griffin, Davin Scites, Dean Shiflett, Mark Wertz, Chris Comstrock, Brian Pembelton, Richard Gdovic, William Smith, II, Brandon Gdovic, Tony Keen, Austin Thaxton, Scott Lancaster, Cory Donley, Joey Mahanes, David Triplett Jr61
1.6%AustraliaFlag Brad Cox1

Individual driver statistics for the 2010 South Boston Speedway Late Models

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Anderson, BruceFlag n/a1201
Berry, StephenFlag n/a300
Boan, LawrenceFlag n/a1700
Bowling, MattFlag 16 y/o300
Burton, JebFlag 17 y/o1300
Carroll, TerryFlag n/a200
Caruthers, LeighFlag n/a1400
Cash, JonathanFlag 29 y/o400
Comstrock, ChrisFlag n/a100
Cook, RodneyFlag 41 y/o300
Cox, BradFlag n/a200
Dean, BrandonFlag n/a300
Donley, CoryFlag n/a100
Donley, JerameFlag 24 y/o100
Edwards, GregFlag n/a100
Falk, WesleyFlag n/a400
Falk, III, C.E.Flag 22 y/o601
Faucette, SpeedyFlag n/a100
Forbes, KennyFlag n/a700
Gdovic, BrandonFlag 18 y/o100
Gdovic, RichardFlag 48 y/o100
Godsey, DougFlag n/a1100
Griffin, BobbyFlag n/a100
Hairfield, BugsFlag n/a300
Hardin, MichaelFlag n/a1701
Harris, ChadFlag n/a400
Hill, RonaldFlag n/a1600
Holdren, DennisFlag n/a200
Howard, JohnFlag 28 y/o300
Hunt, SamFlag 16 y/o1000
Johnson, EddieFlag n/a1900
Johnson, JustinFlag 23 y/o19913
Keen, TonyFlag n/a200
Lancaster, DerrickFlag 37 y/o100
Lancaster, ScottFlag n/a100
Landauer, JuliaFlag 18 y/o400
Latour, DavidFlag n/a1803
Lemons, Jr, TommyFlag n/a811
Mahanes, JoeyFlag n/a100
Marano, ShannonFlag n/a200
McCaskill, DeacFlag n/a1713
Morris, PhilipFlag 45 y/o1216
Oakley, JoshFlag n/a1102
Oleen, JeffFlag 20 y/o200
Pembelton, BrianFlag n/a100
Pulliam, LeeFlag 22 y/o1959
Puryear, StacyFlag n/a1918
Quackenbush, DavidFlag n/a300
Sather, NatalieFlag 25 y/o1900
Scites, DavinFlag n/a100
Sellers, PeytonFlag 26 y/o1003
Shiflett, DeanFlag n/a100
Shiftlett, JeffFlag n/a100
Smith, NickFlag 27 y/o1315
Smith, II, WilliamFlag n/a200
Storm, DustinFlag n/a700
Storm, RichardFlag n/a1500
Thaxton, AustinFlag n/a100
Triplett Jr, DavidFlag 30 y/o100
Waltz, KyleFlag 22 y/o400
Waltz, MatthewFlag 20 y/o1001
Wertz, MarkFlag 41 y/o100
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