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Slinger Super Speedway Super Late Models 2010 standings

Championship points standings for the Slinger Super Speedway Super Late Models 2010

Most race winsFlag Dennis Prunty
Most pole positionsFlag Lowell Bennett
Most podium positionsFlag Lowell Bennett
Most podium positions without a winFlag Conrad Morgan
Most fastest race lapsFlag Dennis Prunty

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Lowell Bennett, Dennis Prunty, Steve Apel, Conrad Morgan, Mike Egan, Scott Schoeni, Randy Schuler, Austin Luedtke, Tommy Hromadka, Josh Wallace, Brad Dahmer, Steven Schulz, Jerry Eckhardt, Ron Ragan, Al Schill, Vincent Merry, Jeff Holtz, Brad Keith, Fred Winn, Tommy Pecaro, Cardell Potter, Eric Fransen, Terry Patnode, Jamie Wallace, Jeremy Lepak, Dustin Ostberg, Rich Loch, Frank Nitzke, Larry Epricht, Mike Held, Brad Mueller, Brandon Hill, Michael Gunderson, Jon Reynolds, Jr., Rob Maynor, Mark Kissinger, Chris Ratajczyk, David Prunty, Dave Feiler, Dale Prunty, George Olson, Race McComb, Matt Kocourek, Travis Dassow, Rock Corso, Collin Bamke, Nathan Matz, Jonathan Brown, Chris Flemming, Mike Graczkowski, Brady Bennett, Tanner Berryhill, Dave Tomczak, Curt Tilleman, Aaron Katzenberg, Calvin Martinez, Rob Braun, Mike Meyerhofer, Scott Bohl, Chris Hencke, Rich Bickle Jr61

Individual driver statistics for the 2010 Slinger Super Speedway Super Late Models

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Apel, SteveFlag n/a181620
Bamke, CollinFlag n/a20000
Bennett, BradyFlag n/a10000
Bennett, LowellFlag 52 y/o1851463
Berryhill, TannerFlag 16 y/o20000
Bickle Jr, RichFlag 49 y/o00000
Bohl, ScottFlag n/a00000
Braun, RobFlag n/a00000
Brown, JonathanFlag 29 y/o10000
Corso, RockFlag n/a20000
Dahmer, BradFlag n/a140000
Dassow, TravisFlag n/a20000
Eckhardt, JerryFlag n/a130000
Egan, MikeFlag n/a181600
Epricht, LarryFlag n/a20000
Feiler, DaveFlag n/a11100
Flemming, ChrisFlag n/a10000
Fransen, EricFlag n/a31200
Graczkowski, MikeFlag 44 y/o10000
Gunderson, MichaelFlag n/a20000
Held, MikeFlag n/a30000
Hencke, ChrisFlag n/a00000
Hill, BrandonFlag n/a20000
Holtz, JeffFlag n/a101101
Hromadka, TommyFlag 51 y/o180000
Katzenberg, AaronFlag n/a00000
Keith, BradFlag n/a110000
Kissinger, MarkFlag 28 y/o30000
Kocourek, MattFlag n/a10110
Lepak, JeremyFlag n/a30120
Loch, RichFlag n/a40000
Luedtke, AustinFlag 17 y/o170101
Martinez, CalvinFlag n/a00000
Matz, NathanFlag n/a20000
Maynor, RobFlag n/a30000
McComb, RaceFlag n/a30000
Merry, VincentFlag n/a90000
Meyerhofer, MikeFlag n/a10000
Morgan, ConradFlag n/a180712
Mueller, BradFlag n/a20110
Nitzke, FrankFlag n/a40000
Olson, GeorgeFlag n/a30000
Ostberg, DustinFlag n/a20000
Patnode, TerryFlag n/a50000
Pecaro, TommyFlag n/a70000
Potter, CardellFlag n/a80000
Prunty, DaleFlag n/a20000
Prunty, DavidFlag n/a20000
Prunty, DennisFlag 37 y/o187936
Ragan, RonFlag n/a110000
Ratajczyk, ChrisFlag n/a30000
Reynolds, Jr., JonFlag n/a20000
Schill, AlFlag n/a90000
Schoeni, ScottFlag n/a180202
Schuler, RandyFlag n/a180001
Schulz, StevenFlag n/a140001
Tilleman, CurtFlag n/a10000
Tomczak, DaveFlag n/a20000
Wallace, JamieFlag n/a20100
Wallace, JoshFlag n/a121111
Winn, FredFlag n/a100000
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