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SBF2000 Summer Series 2014 standings

Championship points standings for the SBF2000 Summer Series 2014

Most race winsFlag Luke Gabin
Most pole positionsFlag Michai Stephens
Most podium positionsFlag Luke Gabin
Most podium positions without a winFlag Jorge Herrera
Most fastest race lapsFlag Luke Gabin

Nationality of participating drivers

82.2%U.S.A.Flag Benjamin Auriemma, Michai Stephens, Jeffrey Stern, Gus Doppes, Brian Cook, Peter Peterson, Tyler Schramm, William Shields, Jack Mitchell Jr., Matthew Donmoyer, Garth Rickards, Gary Vizioli, Chris Brassard, Pat Daly, Kris Wright, Scott Huffaker II, Carter Fartuch, Bruno Sorgiovanni, Ryan Simons, Michael Auriemma, Alex Keyes, George Wetterau, Jake Eidson, David Osborne, Oscar Valenzuela, Ryan Summe, Bob Tzucker, Peter Ludwig, Ian Greene, Zachary Month, Chase Patzer, Jose Cortes, John Jastremski, Quentin Wahl, Chase Owen, Steve Hahn, Paul Fletcher37
4.4%RussiaFlag Nikita Lastochkin, Eugeny Yakovlev2
2.2%AustraliaFlag Luke Gabin1
2.2%ChinaFlag Jackie Ding1
2.2%MexicoFlag Jorge Herrera1
2.2%RomaniaFlag Alexandra Marinescu1
2.2%CanadaFlag Olivier Côté1
2.2%BahrainFlag Hamad Al Khalifa1

Individual driver statistics for the 2014 SBF2000 Summer Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Al Khalifa, HamadFlag 35 y/o20000
Auriemma, BenjaminFlag n/a1441135
Auriemma, MichaelFlag n/a20200
Brassard, ChrisFlag n/a80000
Cook, BrianFlag n/a100100
Cortes, JoseFlag n/a20000
Côté, OlivierFlag n/a41102
Daly, PatFlag n/a82222
Ding, JackieFlag 16 y/o161820
Donmoyer, MatthewFlag n/a100000
Doppes, GusFlag n/a170300
Eidson, JakeFlag 19 y/o20121
Fartuch, CarterFlag 19 y/o40100
Fletcher, PaulFlag n/a10000
Gabin, LukeFlag 19 y/o16101369
Greene, IanFlag n/a20000
Hahn, SteveFlag n/a20000
Herrera, JorgeFlag n/a170701
Huffaker II, ScottFlag 14 y/o40300
Jastremski, JohnFlag n/a20100
Keyes, AlexFlag 17 y/o20201
Lastochkin, NikitaFlag 24 y/o2231152
Ludwig, PeterFlag 48 y/o20000
Marinescu, AlexandraFlag 14 y/o80000
Mitchell Jr., JackFlag 18 y/o83603
Month, ZacharyFlag n/a20000
Osborne, DavidFlag 18 y/o20000
Owen, ChaseFlag 22 y/o20100
Patzer, ChaseFlag n/a10000
Peterson, PeterFlag n/a100000
Rickards, GarthFlag 21 y/o62400
Schramm, TylerFlag n/a90100
Shields, WilliamFlag n/a150200
Simons, RyanFlag n/a40000
Sorgiovanni, BrunoFlag n/a40000
Stephens, MichaiFlag 22 y/o1661286
Stern, JeffreyFlag n/a160100
Summe, RyanFlag n/a20000
Tzucker, BobFlag n/a20000
Valenzuela, OscarFlag n/a20000
Vizioli, GaryFlag n/a110000
Wahl, QuentinFlag n/a10000
Wetterau, GeorgeFlag n/a20100
Wright, KrisFlag 19 y/o60100
Yakovlev, EugenyFlag n/a10000
32014-05-30Laguna SecaGabinLastochkinDoppesGabinGabin
32014-05-30Laguna SecaCôtéKeyesLastochkinLastochkinCôté
42014-05-30Laguna SecaGabinSchrammDoppesGabin
42014-05-30Laguna SecaLastochkinKeyesHuffaker IIKeyes
52014-06-21Mid-OhioStephensDingMitchell Jr.LastochkinMitchell Jr.
62014-06-22Mid-OhioStephensLastochkinHerreraStephensMitchell Jr.
62014-06-22Mid-OhioMitchell Jr.EidsonGabinEidsonEidson
72014-07-11Lime RockGabinAuriemmaLastochkinGabinGabin
72014-07-11Lime RockStephensHerreraAuriemmaStephensStephens
82014-07-12Lime RockGabinAuriemmaLastochkinGabinAuriemma
82014-07-12Lime RockAuriemmaLastochkinSternStephensAuriemma
92014-08-09Putnam ParkLastochkinStephensHerreraLastochkinLastochkin
92014-08-09Putnam ParkGabinStephensLastochkinStephensStephens
102014-08-10Putnam ParkGabinStephensFartuchStephensGabin
102014-08-10Putnam ParkStephensDingAuriemmaDingStephens
112014-09-03ThunderhillStephensDingHuffaker IIStephensStephens
122014-09-04ThunderhillStephensHerreraHuffaker IIStephensStephens
132014-10-04Road AmericaMitchell Jr.RickardsJastremskiLastochkinStephens
132014-10-04Road AmericaLastochkinStephensMitchell Jr.GabinLastochkin
142014-10-05Road AmericaMitchell Jr.RickardsGabinAuriemma
142014-10-05Road AmericaRickardsMitchell Jr.StephensMitchell Jr.
152014-10-17Lime RockGabinAuriemmaHerreraLastochkinHerrera
152014-10-17Lime RockDalyShieldsDoppesDalyDaly
162014-10-18Lime RockRickardsDingAuriemmaGabinGabin
162014-10-18Lime RockDalyOwenShieldsDalyDaly
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