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Skip Barber National Championship 2006 standings

Championship points standings for the Skip Barber National Championship 2006

Most race winsFlag Jonathan Goring
Most pole positionsFlag Jonathan Goring
Most podium positionsFlag Jonathan Goring
Flag Marco Di Leo
Most podium positions without a winFlag Justin Moon
Most fastest race lapsFlag Justin Moon

Nationality of participating drivers

77.8%U.S.A.Flag Jonathan Goring, Alexander Rossi, Kyle Lawrence, Alex Doman, Jason Fennessey, Peter Husser, Richard Heistand, Jonathan Gore, Timmy Megenbier, Andy Rossetto, Justin Moon, Duncan Ende, Kyle Wiegand, A.J. Riley, Christopher Wehrheim, Kayman Benetti, Revere Greist, Eric Freiberg, Quentin Wahl, Joel Miller, Christopher Castagna, Cory Turner, Ricky Taylor, Julia Landauer, Charles Anti, Robert Bunker III, Richard Hertz, Peter Dannan28
11.1%CanadaFlag Marco Di Leo, Yannick Hofman, Paul Albert, Philip Major4
2.8%MexicoFlag Mario Adrian Ochoa1
2.8%LithuaniaFlag Darius Trinka1
2.8%PhillippinesFlag Enzo Pastor1
2.8%ColombiaFlag Juan Pfeiffer1

Individual driver statistics for the 2006 Skip Barber National Championship

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Albert, PaulFlag n/a20000
Anti, CharlesFlag n/a20010
Benetti, KaymanFlag n/a20100
Bunker III, RobertFlag 17 y/o10000
Castagna, ChristopherFlag 20 y/o60000
Dannan, PeterFlag n/a20000
Di Leo, MarcoFlag 19 y/o143711
Doman, AlexFlag n/a120100
Ende, DuncanFlag 21 y/o80000
Fennessey, JasonFlag n/a140000
Freiberg, EricFlag 20 y/o20000
Gore, JonathanFlag 23 y/o100101
Goring, JonathanFlag 16 y/o144732
Greist, RevereFlag 32 y/o21100
Heistand, RichardFlag 22 y/o101510
Hertz, RichardFlag n/a20000
Hofman, YannickFlag 18 y/o20000
Husser, PeterFlag 20 y/o120100
Landauer, JuliaFlag 14 y/o20000
Lawrence, KyleFlag 22 y/o141310
Major, PhilipFlag 17 y/o20000
Megenbier, TimmyFlag 14 y/o60100
Miller, JoelFlag 18 y/o20000
Moon, JustinFlag n/a40303
Ochoa, Mario AdrianFlag 21 y/o120100
Pastor, EnzoFlag 24 y/o40000
Pfeiffer, JuanFlag 20 y/o20001
Riley, A.J.Flag 19 y/o30100
Rossetto, AndyFlag n/a60210
Rossi, AlexanderFlag 14 y/o143422
Taylor, RickyFlag 16 y/o20000
Trinka, DariusFlag n/a60010
Turner, CoryFlag n/a60000
Wahl, QuentinFlag n/a20000
Wehrheim, ChristopherFlag 20 y/o21120
Wiegand, KyleFlag n/a60000
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