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Shangri-La II Motor Speedway Modifieds 2009 standings

Championship points standings for the Shangri-La II Motor Speedway Modifieds 2009

Most race winsFlag John Markovic
Flag Jimmy Zacharias
Flag Rick Zacharias
Most podium positionsFlag Jimmy Zacharias
Flag Rick Zacharias
Most podium positions without a winFlag Chris Zacharias
Most fastest race lapsFlag Pete Brittain

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag John Markovic, Jimmy Zacharias, Rick Zacharias, Chris Zacharias, Matt Clemens, Mike Nickels, Danielle Buchek, Darren Scherrer, Jim Storace, T.J. Zacharias, Earl Paules, Dell Boyle, Ted Christopher, Ken Canestrari, Dean Rypkema, Bill Weichert, Tony Hanbury, Pete Brittain, Andy Walko, Matt Dunham, J.R. Kent, Rich Coyle, T.J. Potrzebowski, Russell Smith, Tommy Cloce, Chris Whitenight, Jr., Chris Daugherty, Billy Putney, Dave Silvernail, Marc Rogers, Tony Pettenelli, Brian DeFebo, Dean Gulick, Travis Fisher, Chris Ostrowski, Cal Snyder, Glenn Lippolis37

Individual driver statistics for the 2009 Shangri-La II Motor Speedway Modifieds

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Boyle, DellFlag n/a70000
Brittain, PeteFlag n/a30102
Buchek, DanielleFlag n/a60000
Canestrari, KenFlag n/a50000
Christopher, TedFlag 51 y/o21200
Clemens, MattFlag n/a100000
Cloce, TommyFlag 39 y/o10000
Coyle, RichFlag n/a30000
Daugherty, ChrisFlag n/a10000
DeFebo, BrianFlag n/a10000
Dunham, MattFlag n/a20000
Fisher, TravisFlag n/a10000
Gulick, DeanFlag n/a20000
Hanbury, TonyFlag n/a20101
Kent, J.R.Flag n/a10101
Lippolis, GlennFlag n/a00000
Markovic, JohnFlag n/a102300
Nickels, MikeFlag n/a90001
Ostrowski, ChrisFlag n/a10000
Paules, EarlFlag 43 y/o21201
Pettenelli, TonyFlag n/a10000
Potrzebowski, T.J.Flag n/a10100
Putney, BillyFlag n/a10000
Rogers, MarcFlag n/a10000
Rypkema, DeanFlag n/a40000
Scherrer, DarrenFlag n/a40100
Silvernail, DaveFlag n/a20000
Smith, RussellFlag n/a20000
Snyder, CalFlag n/a00000
Storace, JimFlag n/a51100
Walko, AndyFlag n/a30100
Weichert, BillFlag n/a40000
Whitenight, Jr., ChrisFlag n/a20000
Zacharias, ChrisFlag n/a100201
Zacharias, JimmyFlag 18 y/o102400
Zacharias, RickFlag n/a102401
Zacharias, T.J.Flag n/a60000
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