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SCCA National Championship Runoffs Prototype 2 2018 standings

Race results for SCCA National Championship Runoffs Prototype 2 2018

1.Flag Tim DayMere Mortal/GDRE/SummitStohr WF1Suzuki
Pole position
2.Flag Jeff ShaferOne MotorsportsLigier JS49Honda
3.Flag Perry RichardsonCasino Fandango/Briggs ConsultingStohr WF1Suzuki
4.Flag Greg GyannArgus Magnetics/Gycor InternationalStohr WF1Suzuki
5.Flag Lucian PanceaLuckor Motors/Young RacingStohr WF1Suzuki
6.Flag Armen MegregianHonda/GRP3 MotorsportsLigier JS51Honda
7.Flag David FergusonMazda/Veracity Racing DataVan Diemen RFS03Mazda
8.Flag Eric O'BrienAngela/Eoin/ConnerAMAC AM7Kawasaki
9.Flag Mike ReupertSunshine MetalsStohr WF1Suzuki
10.Flag Dustin DeckerDecker Sports Racing/HoosierAMAC AM6Suzuki
11.Flag John BossoB&B Racing/Hoosier/RedLineOil/GDREFox RF3Suzuki
12.Flag Richard ColburnSunshine MetalsNostendo 1Reupert
13.Flag Kurt LadendorfP28XAMAC AM5Suzuki
14.Flag Fabian OkonskiGDRE/KM Motorsports/DauntlessStohr WF1Suzuki
15.Flag Paul DeckerDecker Sports Racing/HoosierAMAC AM5Suzuki
16.Flag Rob ConradMazda/Veracity Racing DataVan Diemen RFS99Mazda
17.Flag Chuck Bona, IIICampbell Dental CareStohr WF1Suzuki
Fastest lap
18.Flag Sherman ChaoLee Racing/GDRE/Hoosier/HawkStohr WF1Suzuki
19.Flag Kevin MitzKM Motorsports/Stohr/JongbloedStohr WF1Suzuki
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