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SCCA National Championship Runoffs Formula Vee 2022 standings

Race results for SCCA National Championship Runoffs Formula Vee 2022

1.Flag Brian FarnhamQuixote RacingSilver Bullet FR-SVolkswagen 1.2
Pole position
2.Flag Zachary WhitstonProtoform P2Volkswagen 1.2
3.Flag Andrew AbbottVector RacecarsVector AM-1Volkswagen 1.2
4.Flag Mitchell FergusonVorscha RacingVorscha GB-4Volkswagen 1.2
Fastest lap
5.Flag Andrew WhitstonSpeedsportProtoform P2Volkswagen 1.2
6.Flag Trevor CarmodyAutomotive Safety ConsultingProtoformVolkswagen 1.2
7.Flag Donnie IsleyAgitator 16Volkswagen 1.2
8.Flag Alex ScalerAdvantage MotorsportScaler Mk. 1Volkswagen 1.2
9.Flag Russell FredericksCaracal DVolkswagen 1.2
10.Flag Steve WhitstonProtoform P2Volkswagen 1.2
11.Flag Jeffrey ValeoAdvantage MotorsportMysterian CM2Volkswagen 1.2
12.Flag Roger SiebenalerMysterian M3Volkswagen 1.2
13.Flag Ray QuallsProtoform P3Volkswagen 1.2
14.Flag Dermot EnnisProtoform P2Volkswagen 1.2
15.Flag Brandon AbbottVector RacecarsVector AM-1Volkswagen 1.2
16.Flag Ron WhitstonProtoform P3Volkswagen 1.2
17.Flag Ryan DonaghyAutomotive Safety ConsultingDRT 001Volkswagen 1.2
18.Flag Stuart DelaneyCaracal CVolkswagen 1.2
19.Flag Chris JennerjahnVortechVolkswagen 1.2
20.Flag Jeff FilipkowskiAutomotive Safety ConsultingVorscha GB-4Volkswagen 1.2
21.Flag Iqbal BashirCaracal CVolkswagen 1.2
22.Flag James BrookshireAgitator 15Volkswagen 1.2
23.Flag Derrick MoennickMysterian M3Volkswagen 1.2
24.Flag Gerard CallaghanCallaghan RacingCitation XTC-41Volkswagen 1.2
Flag Female Laurin BrallierLaurin Brallier RacingCaracal DVolkswagen 1.2
Flag Stevan DavisQuixote RacingVortechVolkswagen 1.2
Flag Anthony HendersonVortechVolkswagen 1.2
Flag Rick ShieldsVDFVolkswagen 1.2
Flag Jonathan WeisheitJK Technologies XP-1Volkswagen 1.2
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