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SCCA National Championship Runoffs Formula Vee 2021 standings

Race results for SCCA National Championship Runoffs Formula Vee 2021

1.Flag Andrew WhitstonHoosier/SubwayProtoform P2Volkswagen 1.2
Pole position
2.Flag Brian FarnhamDuck 'n' Monkey/Quixote/Kearney DSilver Bullet FR-1Volkswagen 1.2
3.Flag Andrew AbbottHoosier/LDC EquipmentVector AM-1Volkswagen 1.2
4.Flag Brandon AbbottHoosier/Autowerks/Vector RacecarsVector GB-4Volkswagen 1.2
5.Flag Chris JennerjahnJennerjahn MachineVortech FVVolkswagen 1.2
6.Flag Alex Mk.1Volkswagen 1.2
Fastest lap
7.Flag Rick ShieldsAdams Acer-JVolkswagen 1.2
8.Flag Stevan FVVolkswagen 1.2
9.Flag Dean CurtisAutomotive Safety ConsultingWomer EV3Volkswagen 1.2
10.Flag Ron WhitstonSubway/HoosierProtoform P3Volkswagen 1.2
11.Flag Jeffrey LougheadJL Loughead/MD SCVortech FVVolkswagen 1.2
12.Flag Jonathan WeisheitJK Technologies LLCJK Technologies XP-1Volkswagen 1.2
13.Flag Roger SiebenalerAutowerks/HoosierMysterian M2Volkswagen 1.2
14.Flag Brian Styczynski4MULAVee EnginuityCitation XTC-41Volkswagen 1.2
15.Flag Donnie IsleyAgitator 016Volkswagen 1.2
16.Flag Alexander BertolucciJ.A.B Racing/Noble Engines/HoosierCitation XTC-41Volkswagen 1.2
17.Flag Jeff FilipkowskiAutomotive Safety ConsultingVorscha GB-4Volkswagen 1.2
18.Flag Robert NeumeisterHoosierProtoform P2Volkswagen 1.2
19.Flag Rich Richardson4MULA Enginuity EnginesLazer 1Volkswagen 1.2
20.Flag Stuart DelaneyCox-Noble/TJS Gears/LRE/HoosierCaracal CVolkswagen 1.2
21.Flag William StyczynskiStudio21 ArchitectsVortech FVVolkswagen 1.2
22.Flag Jon AdamsNoble Engines/JSM Services/TJS GearAdams V-2Volkswagen 1.2
23.Flag Ryan DonaghyAutomotive Safety ConsultingDRT 001Volkswagen 1.2
24.Flag Female Marjorie LundbergInstinct Racing/Jurassic Peck FarmsCaracal CVolkswagen 1.2
25.Flag Mark FarnhamAutowerks/VSR/Quixote/CarbotechSilver Bullet SB-1Volkswagen 1.2
26.Flag Chris CarusoAutomotive Safety ConsultingProtoform P2Volkswagen 1.2
27.Flag Jeffrey ValeoAdvantageMotorsports.comMysterian M2BVolkswagen 1.2
28.Flag Guy BellinghamBRD AFV-02Volkswagen 1.2
29.Flag Ron WakeMysterian M4Volkswagen 1.2
30.Flag Mark EdwardsHoosier/Red Line OilGlamdringVolkswagen 1.2
31.Flag Earl WinebrennerWinebrenner Capital Management LLCMysterian M3Volkswagen 1.2
32.Flag Joseph BertolucciJAB Racing/Noble EnginesCitation XTC-41Volkswagen 1.2
33.Flag Mark FosberryFluid SystemsLazer Mk. IIVolkswagen 1.2
34.Flag Anthony HendersonBerneet Kaur-Medical Expert WitnessCaracal CVolkswagen 1.2
35.Flag Larry BaconRon Chuck EngineeringProtoform P3Volkswagen 1.2
36.Flag Rick RuckmanHappy Trucking Inc.Mysterian M2Volkswagen 1.2
37.Flag Iqbal BashirCaracal CVolkswagen 1.2
38.Flag Gregory BrunsVorscha/Wilwood/EMPIVorscha GB-3Volkswagen 1.2
39.Flag Mark Richardson4MULA Enginuity Engines & Prep ShopVortech FVVolkswagen 1.2
40.Flag Curt BennettCustom Milling and ConsultingProtoform P1Volkswagen 1.2
41.Flag Zachary WhitstonWMA LLC/Rocket Motorsports/SubwayProtoform P2Volkswagen 1.2
Flag Dennis AndradeD&D RacingVortech FVVolkswagen 1.2
Flag Mitchell FergusonVorschaVorscha GB-4Volkswagen 1.2
Flag Don MantheRon Chuck EngineeringCaracal CVolkswagen 1.2
Flag Hunter Phelps-BarronBarron Racing/Noble EnginesMysterian M4Volkswagen 1.2
Flag Quinn PosnerPosner Law Office/PCProtoform P3Volkswagen 1.2
Flag Gavin SweeneyProtoform P2Volkswagen 1.2
Flag Steve WhitstonLOA Roofing/Rocket Motors/SubwayProtoform P2Volkswagen 1.2
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