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SCCA National Championship Runoffs Formula Vee 2018 standings

Race results for SCCA National Championship Runoffs Formula Vee 2018

1.Flag Michael VaracinsSpeed Sport Engineering/LifeLiteSpeed Sport AM-5Volkswagen 1.2
2.Flag Skip StreetsHoosier/Ron Chuck/PopsMysterian M3Volkswagen 1.2
Pole position
3.Flag Alex CM2Volkswagen 1.2
Fastest lap
4.Flag Andrew WhitstonSubway/Hoosier/CarbotechProtoform P2Volkswagen 1.2
5.Flag Mitchell FergusonVorschaVorscha GB4Volkswagen 1.2
6.Flag Andrew AbbottAutowerks/Hoosier/Car-O-linerVector AM-1Volkswagen 1.2
7.Flag Jonathan WeisheitAutowerks/JK Technologies LLCJK Technologies LLC XP1Volkswagen 1.2
8.Flag Rick ShieldsVSR/Autowerks/HoosierVDFVolkswagen 1.2
9.Flag Roger SiebenalerHoosier/AutowerksMysterian M3Volkswagen 1.2
10.Flag Gavin Sweeneywww.sweeney-racing.comCrusaderVolkswagen 1.2
11.Flag Brandon AbbottHoosier/Autowerks/Vector RacecarsVector AM-1Volkswagen 1.2
12.Flag Dennis AndradeD & D RacingVortech FVVolkswagen 1.2
13.Flag Quinn PosnerPosner Law Office/PCProtoform P3Volkswagen 1.2
14.Flag Zachary WhitstonWMA/Rocket Motorsports/SubwayProtoform P2Volkswagen 1.2
15.Flag Stephen SaslowSaslow Enterprises/JDRFVortech FVVolkswagen 1.2
16.Flag Stevan DavisButler Engines/Roxannes/QuixoteRacer's Wedge SB-1Volkswagen 1.2
17.Flag Ron WhitstonSubway/HoosierProtoform P2Volkswagen 1.2
18.Flag Don MantheLynxVolkswagen 1.2
19.Flag Ron WakeRon Chuck EnterprisesMysterian M3Volkswagen 1.2
20.Flag Stuart DelaneyLRE/Noble/Hoosier/CaracalCaracal DVolkswagen 1.2
21.Flag Mark EdwardsRed Line Oil/HoosierGlamdringVolkswagen 1.2
22.Flag Charles TurnerNoble Engines by Cox/HoosierVortech FVVolkswagen 1.2
23.Flag Robert PosnerProtoform P3Volkswagen 1.2
24.Flag Female Marjorie LundbergInstinct RacingCaracal CVolkswagen 1.2
25.Flag Ron BonhamWoodstock MotorsportsProtoform P3Volkswagen 1.2
26.Flag Charles HearnNoble Racing EnginesVortech FVVolkswagen 1.2
27.Flag Blake TatumCrusaderVolkswagen 1.2
28.Flag Robbie ArthurArthur Motorsports/Bullet RacingLazer Mk.2Volkswagen 1.2
Flag Richard GordonInfinity Dental Care/Walnut GroveCrusaderVolkswagen 1.2
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