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SCCA National Championship Runoffs Formula Vee 2015 standings

Race results for SCCA National Championship Runoffs Formula Vee 2015

1.Flag Michael VaracinsSpeed Sport EngineeringSpeed Sport AM-5Volkswagen 1.2
2.Flag Andrew WhitstonRocket MotorsProtoform P2Volkswagen 1.2
Fastest lap
3.Flag Rick ShieldsAutowerksVDF-2Volkswagen 1.2
4.Flag Charles HearnNoble RacingVortech FVVolkswagen 1.2
Fastest lap
5.Flag Mitchell FergusonVorscha GB5Volkswagen 1.2
6.Flag Gary KittellAutowerksCaracal D/SBVolkswagen 1.2
7.Flag Alex ScalerAutowerksMysterian CM2Volkswagen 1.2
8.Flag Ron WhitstonRocket MotorsProtoform P2Volkswagen 1.2
9.Flag Tyler HunterVortech FVVolkswagen 1.2
10.Flag Andrew AbbottAutowerksVector AM-1Volkswagen 1.2
11.Flag Mark EdwardsGlamdringVolkswagen 1.2
12.Flag Female Laura HayesDigital IntelligenceProtoform P2Volkswagen 1.2
13.Flag Andy PastoreVee Sport RacingWomer EV3Volkswagen 1.2
14.Flag Jonathan WeisheitLLC XP1Volkswagen 1.2
15.Flag Sherman EnglerNoble RacingProtoform 94vVolkswagen 1.2
16.Flag Charles TurnerNoble RacingVortech 1Volkswagen 1.2
17.Flag Russell FredericksCaracal DVolkswagen 1.2
18.Flag Female Lisa NobleVortech FVVolkswagen 1.2
19.Flag Russell StalveyCaracal CarsCaracal DVolkswagen 1.2
20.Flag Mark FelsenVortech FVVolkswagen 1.2
21.Flag Anthony HendersonCaracal CVolkswagen 1.2
22.Flag Harry SchneiderExecutive MotorSportAdams AeroVolkswagen 1.2
23.Flag Peter CheamitruWildman MotorsportsLynx BVolkswagen 1.2
24.Flag Guy BellinghamVallis MotorsportBRD AFV01Volkswagen 1.2
25.Flag Donnie IsleyDigital IntelligenceAgitator 16Volkswagen 1.2
26.Flag Duke WaldropRed Wine and Brew RacingProtoform P2Volkswagen 1.2
27.Flag John FuchsCaracal DVolkswagen 1.2
28.Flag Justin WillbanksRS1 MotorsportsVolkswagen 1.2
29.Flag Roger SiebenalerMysterian M2Volkswagen 1.2
Pole position
30.Flag Stevan DavisWedge SB-1Volkswagen 1.2
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