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SCCA National Championship Runoffs Formula Vee 2013 standings

Race results for SCCA National Championship Runoffs Formula Vee 2013

1.Flag Michael VaracinsSpeedsportSpeedsport AM-5VolkswagenHoosier
Pole position
2.Flag Roger SiebenalerAutowerksMysterian M2VolkswagenHoosier
3.Flag Brad StoutNoble RacingVortech FVVolkswagenHoosier
4.Flag Jonathan WeisheitProtoform XP-1VolkswagenHoosier
5.Flag Jeffrey LougheadVortech CR04VolkswagenHoosier
6.Flag Gary BlanarikSilver BulletSilver Bullet AR-1VolkswagenHoosier
7.Flag Charles McCormickVortech CM1VolkswagenHoosier
8.Flag Terran SwansonMysterian M4VolkswagenHoosier
9.Flag Chris JennerjahnVortech FVVolkswagenHoosier
10.Flag Bruce LivermoreMysterian M2VolkswagenHoosier
11.Flag Dale RaderVortech FVVolkswagenHoosier
12.Flag Gary KittellAutowerksCaracal D/SBVolkswagenHoosier
13.Flag Bill JohnsonVortech FVVolkswagenHoosier
14.Flag Andy PastoreAutowerksCitation 89FVVolkswagenHoosier
15.Flag Ron WhitstonProtoform P2VolkswagenHoosier
16.Flag Rick ShieldsVDF-2VolkswagenHoosier
17.Flag Andrew AbbottVector AM-1VolkswagenHoosier
18.Flag Charlie RogersAkula MotorsportsProtoform P2VolkswagenHoosier
19.Flag Guy BellinghamVallis Motor SportBRD AFV-02VolkswagenHoosier
20.Flag Russell FredericksCaracal DVolkswagenHoosier
21.Flag Jim DziewiorCitationVolkswagenHoosier
22.Flag Dave WeißenhofNoble RacingVortech FVVolkswagenHoosier
23.Flag Mark EdwardsGlamdringVolkswagenHoosier
24.Flag Ron WakeRon Chuck EngineeringMysterian M4VolkswagenHoosier
25.Flag Michael SaltenbergerCitation BKVolkswagenHoosier
26.Flag Stuart DelaneyNoble RacingAdams JVolkswagenHoosier
27.Flag Dean CurtisDawes MotorsportWomer EV-3VolkswagenHoosier
28.Flag John PetilloPetillo RacingSpeedsport VVolkswagenHoosier
29.Flag David ScalerAutowerksVortech FVVolkswagenHoosier
30.Flag Charles TurnerNoble RacingVortech 01VolkswagenHoosier
31.Flag Mike LandonDunlap WaspVolkswagenHoosier
32.Flag David SatterleyDDC RacingProtoform P2VolkswagenHoosier
33.Flag Female Lisa NobleVortech FVVolkswagenHoosier
34.Flag Jack MaloneyLynx BulletVolkswagenHoosier
35.Flag Hughie MaloneyWomer EV-3VolkswagenHoosier
36.Flag Duke WaldropRed Wine & Brew RacingPredator P3VolkswagenHoosier
37.Flag Stevan DavisRacers Wedge SB-1VolkswagenHoosier
Fastest lap
38.Flag John J. MaloneyWomer EV-3VolkswagenHoosier
39.Flag Robert NeumeisterVortech FVVolkswagenHoosier
40.Flag James VaseffCitation XTC-41VolkswagenHoosier
41.Flag Donnie IsleyAgitator 016VolkswagenHoosier
42.Flag Andrew WhitstonProtoform P2VolkswagenHoosier
Flag Brandon AbbottAutowerksVector AM-1VolkswagenHoosier
Flag Dennis AndradeD & D RacingVortech FVVolkswagenHoosier
Flag Robert O'ConnorVortech FVVolkswagenHoosier
Flag Alexander RizerVortech FVVolkswagenHoosier
Flag Stephen SmithPonce de Leon RacingCaracal DVolkswagenHoosier
Flag Brian SwansonToad Hall EnterprisesMysterian M4VolkswagenHoosier
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