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SCCA National Championship Runoffs Formula F 2011 standings

Race results for SCCA National Championship Runoffs Formula F 2011

1.Flag Lewis Cooper IIIVan Diemen RF00 (Ford Kent)
Pole position
2.Flag William ValetSwift DB6 (Ford Kent)
3.Flag Tim KautzPiper DF3D (Ford Kent)
4.Flag Russell RuedisueliVan Diemen RF99 (Ford Kent)
5.Flag David LivingstonSwift DB3 (Ford Kent)
6.Flag John BensonSwift DB1 (Ford Kent)
7.Flag Wesley CunninghamSwift DB6 (Ford Kent)
8.Flag Bill KephartVestial 09F (Ford Kent)
9.Flag Randy AcockVan Diemen RF98 (Ford Kent)
10.Flag James StiehrSwift DB6 (Ford Kent)
11.Flag David LokenSwift DB1 (Honda HPD L15A7)
12.Flag Allen WheatcroftLinstrand MotorsportsVan Diemen RF98K (Ford Kent)
13.Flag John VlasisPiper DF2H (Honda HPD L15A7)
14.Flag Mark KellerBlackjack RacingPiper DF05 (Ford Kent)
15.Flag John LuxonPiper DF2 (Ford Kent)
16.Flag Cliff JohnsonPiper DF05 (Ford Kent)
17.Flag Michael SauceSauce SVM1 (Ford Kent)
18.Flag Scott RubenzerCitation 95FF (Ford Kent)
19.Flag Reid HazeltonPrimus RacingVan Diemen RF92 (Ford Kent)
Fastest lap
Flag Jeffrey BartzReynard (Ford Kent)
Flag Dan MurphyMurhpy MotorsportVan Diemen RF00K (Honda HPD L15A7)
Flag Stan TownesSwift DB1 (Ford Kent)
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