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SCCA National Championship Runoffs F500 2013 standings

Race results for SCCA National Championship Runoffs F500 2013

1.Flag James WeidaScorpion S1Rotax 0.5
Pole position
Fastest lap
2.Flag Aaron EllisEllis MotorsportsEllis AE06Rotax 0.5
3.Flag Steven JondalRed Devil T-8Rotax 0.5
4.Flag Kris LarsenScorpion S1Rotax 0.5
5.Flag Michael BrentQRE Invader QC1Rotax 0.5
6.Flag Jeff JorgensonQRE Invader QC1Rotax 0.5
7.Flag Jack WalbranMitchell Racing ServicesScorpion S1Rotax 0.5
8.Flag Jay BeckleyQRE Invader QC1Rotax 0.5
9.Flag Cory McLeodRed DevilRotax 0.5
10.Flag Jeff BlumenthalChainsaw MotorsportsQRE Invader QC1Rotax 0.5
11.Flag Timothy FriestXT RacingKBS Mk. VIIRotax 0.5
12.Flag Steve ThompsonStingerRotax 0.5
13.Flag Don ColaneroKBS Mk. VRotax 0.5
14.Flag Joseph PalmerMitchell Racing ServicesNovaKar J9Rotax 0.5
15.Flag David VincentXT RacingKBS Mk. VIIRotax 0.5
16.Flag Charles SchlismannMitchell Racing ServicesKBS Mk. VIIRotax 0.5
17.Flag Chris HoddeKBS Mk. VIIRotax 0.5
18.Flag Glen SmealRed Devil T-2000Rotax 0.5
19.Flag Chuck McAbeeQRE Invader QC1Rotax 0.5
20.Flag Owen HenleyRed DevilRotax 0.5
21.Flag Darrel GreeningPro MotorsportsRed Devil BR-2K2Rotax 0.5
22.Flag Michael MuellerRed DevilRotax 0.5
Flag Brian BrothersStingerRotax 0.5
Flag Keith JoslynQRE Invader QC1Rotax 0.5
Flag Charles McAbeeAJsRotax 0.5
Flag Jeremy MoralesMitchell Racing ServicesScorpion S1Rotax 0.5
Flag Herb NobleMitchell Racing ServicesScorpion S1Rotax 0.5
Flag Russell StrateRocktechRotax 0.5
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