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WeatherTech Chicago Region SCCA June Sprints® - Spec Racer Ford 2013 standings

Race results for WeatherTech Chicago Region SCCA June Sprints® - Spec Racer Ford 2013

1.Flag Scott RettichAlliance AutosportsSpec Racer Ford
2.Flag Jim GrayReid Johnson RacingSpec Racer Ford
3.Flag Denny StriplingLightspeed MotorsportsSpec Racer Ford
4.Flag John GreenePM RacingSpec Racer Ford
5.Flag Derek SchofieldPM RacingSpec Racer Ford
6.Flag Richie StanleySpec Racer Ford
7.Flag Keith VergesApex Driving AcademySpec Racer Ford
8.Flag Jeff BeckSpec Racer Ford
9.Flag Darryl WillsHillenburg MotorsportsSpec Racer Ford
10.Flag Scott GoolsbeySpec Racer Ford
11.Flag Rob StewartApple MotorsportsSpec Racer Ford
12.Flag Steve KohliParallax RacingSpec Racer Ford
13.Flag Rick BartuskaSpec Racer Ford
14.Flag Mark HutchinsSpec Racer Ford
15.Flag Robert MummMumm Bros. RacingSpec Racer Ford
16.Flag Reid JohnsonReid Johnson RacingSpec Racer Ford
17.Flag Tim BlakeleySpec Racer Ford
18.Flag Robert W. GilbertApple MotorsportsSpec Racer Ford
19.Flag Arthur KoppClueless RacingSpec Racer Ford
20.Flag Jeff RobbSpec Racer Ford
21.Flag William DouglasRacer for ChristSpec Racer Ford
22.Flag Keith GrantElite AutosportsSpec Racer Ford
23.Flag Steve PenceJay MotorsportsSpec Racer Ford
24.Flag Bobby SakSpec Racer Ford
25.Flag Kevin FergusonCraftlogic RacingSpec Racer Ford
26.Flag Neil H. LundPM RacingSpec Racer Ford
27.Flag Tim GraySpec Racer Ford
28.Flag Thomas AnspachSpec Racer Ford
29.Flag Chris CurrentHagerman RacEngineeringSpec Racer Ford
30.Flag Jim NelsonLaRue MotorsportsSpec Racer Ford
31.Flag William F. ParenteauSpec Racer Ford
32.Flag Tom MufflerSpec Racer Ford
33.Flag Stuart MullanLindell MotorsportsSpec Racer Ford
34.Flag Owen CoonElite AutosportsSpec Racer Ford
35.Flag Mike DaviesSpec Racer Ford
Pole position
Fastest lap
36.Flag Dave YahnElite AutosportsSpec Racer Ford
37.Flag Michael McCann Jr.Spec Racer Ford
38.Flag Jean-Luc LiveratoPM RacingSpec Racer Ford
39.Flag Kevin ElionSpec Racer Ford
40.Flag Kerry BonnerKGB RacingSpec Racer Ford
41.Flag Casey McKibbenSpec Racer Ford
Flag Tom DoerrElite AutosportsSpec Racer Ford
Flag Chad GallowaySpec Racer Ford
Flag Adam GottliebFlat Black RacingSpec Racer Ford
Flag Matt GraySpec Racer Ford
Flag Roy HillenburgHillenburg MotorsportsSpec Racer Ford
Flag Jim MarinangelSpec Racer Ford
Flag Dwayne MaroszekSpec Racer Ford
Flag Joelle PenceJay MotorsportsSpec Racer Ford
Flag Brian SchofieldPM RacingSpec Racer Ford
Flag David SchumitschBlackhorse RacingSpec Racer Ford
Flag Gary StewartApple MotorsportsSpec Racer Ford
Flag Female Dana WebsterSpec Racer Ford
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