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54th Annual SCCA Chicago Region June Sprints Formula Enterprises 2009 standings

Race results for 54th Annual SCCA Chicago Region June Sprints Formula Enterprises 2009

1.Flag Scott RettichHippi RacingVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
Pole position
Fastest lap
2.Flag Nicholas EvansJay MotorsportsVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
3.Flag Scott McQueenSM RacingVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
4.Flag Eric FreibergVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
5.Flag Steve StadelOne Formula RacingVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
6.Flag Matthew SchneiderJay MotorsportsVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
7.Flag Cole BosanozVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
8.Flag Paul SchneiderVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
9.Flag Brian NovakVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
10.Flag Jonathan BennettVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
11.Flag Dean OppermanVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
12.Flag Thomas GreenInspire MotorsportsVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
13.Flag Lee RackleyVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
14.Flag Marshall MauneyOne Formula RacingVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
15.Flag Keith CarterVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
16.Flag Eugenio GallegosVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
17.Flag Mark MarchbanksRotten Tooth RacingVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
18.Flag Jim KelleherVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
19.Flag Victor UrbinaVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
20.Flag Juan Carlos MartinezVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
21.Flag Carl PrzyborowskiCompetition EnterprisesVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
22.Flag Jason GolanVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
Flag Mark A. EatonRobinson MotorsportsVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
Flag Dennis J. MarkleinMarklein RacingVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
Flag Stephen ZamborskyVan Diemen DP06 (Mazda)
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