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RAC Tourist Trophy Celebration 2019 standings

Race results for RAC Tourist Trophy Celebration 2019

1.Flag André LottererAC CobraFord 4.7
Pole position
1.Flag Chris WilsonAC CobraFord 4.7
2.Flag Romain DumasAC CobraFord 4.7
2.Flag Bill ShepherdAC CobraFord 4.7
3.Flag Benoît TréluyerLister-Jaguar CoupeJaguar
3.Flag Frederic WakemanLister-Jaguar CoupeJaguar
4.Flag Mike JordanTVR Griffith 400Ford 4.7
4.Flag Michael WhitakerTVR Griffith 400Ford 4.7
5.Flag Lukas HalusaJaguar E-type LightweightJaguar 3.8
5.Flag Emanuele PirroJaguar E-type LightweightJaguar 3.8
6.Flag Gregor FiskenAC CobraFord 4.7
6.Flag Dario FranchittiAC CobraFord 4.7
7.Flag Marino FranchittiAC CobraFord 4.7
7.Flag Philip KadoorieAC CobraFord 4.7
8.Flag David BrabhamJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
8.Flag Joaquin Folch-RusinolJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
9.Flag Brendon HartleyAC CobraFord 4.7
9.Flag Joe TwymanAC CobraFord 4.7
10.Flag Tiff NeedellJaguar E-type LightweightJaguar 3.8
10.Flag John SpiersJaguar E-type LightweightJaguar 3.8
11.Flag Craig DaviesChevrolet Corvette Sting RayChevrolet 5.4
11.Flag Steve SoperChevrolet Corvette Sting RayChevrolet 5.4
12.Flag Nikolaus DittingJaguar E-type FHCJaguar 3.8
12.Flag Jochen MassJaguar E-type FHCJaguar 3.8
13.Flag Neel JaniJaguar E-type FHCJaguar 3.8
13.Flag Richard MeinsJaguar E-type FHCJaguar 3.8
14.Flag Marco AttardChevrolet Corvette Sting RayChevrolet 5.4
14.Flag Peter DumbreckChevrolet Corvette Sting RayChevrolet 5.4
15.Flag Stig BlomqvistChevrolet Corvette Sting RayChevrolet 5.4
15.Flag Nick JarvisChevrolet Corvette Sting RayChevrolet 5.4
16.Flag Henri PescaroloJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
16.Flag John YoungJaguar E-Type
17.Flag Jason BarronPorsche 904 Carrera GTSPorsche 2.0
17.Flag Stuart GrahamPorsche 904 Carrera GTSPorsche 2.0
18.Flag Patrick Blakeney-EdwardsBizzarrini 5300GTChevrolet 5.4
18.Flag Karl WendlingerBizzarrini 5300GTChevrolet 5.4
19.Flag Marcel FässlerChevrolet Corvette Sting RayChevrolet 5.4
19.Flag Stuart MorleyChevrolet Corvette Sting RayChevrolet 5.4
Flag Till BechtolsheimerTojeiro EEBuick 3.5
Flag Derek BellPorsche 904 Carrera GTSPorsche 2.0
Flag Julian BronsonChevrolet Corvette Sting RayChevrolet 5.4
Flag Alex BrundleJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
Flag Oliver BryantAC CobraFord 4.7
Flag Karun ChandhokAC Cobra Le Mans CoupéFord 4.7
Flag David ClarkPorsche 904 Carrera GTSPorsche 2.0
Flag Wolfgang FriedrichsAston Martin DP212Aston Martin 4.0
Flag Nigel GreensallSunbeam Lister TigerFord 4.7
Flag Simon HadfieldAston Martin DP212Aston Martin 4.0
Flag David HartTojeiro EEFord 4.7
Flag Mat JacksonChevrolet Corvette Sting RayChevrolet 5.4
Flag Ludovic LindsayTojeiro EEBuick 3.5
Flag Shaun LynnAC Cobra Le Mans CoupéFord 4.7
Flag Nicolas MinassianTojeiro EEFord 4.7
Flag Garry PearsonJaguar E-typeJaguar 3.8
Flag Darren TurnerAC CobraFord 4.7
Flag Patrick WattsSunbeam Lister TigerFord 4.7
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