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Rocky Mountain Midget Racing Association - Midget Championship 2016 standings

Championship points standings for the Rocky Mountain Midget Racing Association - Midget Championship 2016

Most race winsFlag Keith Rauch
Most podium positionsFlag Keith Rauch
Most podium positions without a winFlag Zac Taylor

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Robert Dalby, C J Johnson, Tony Rossi, Chris Sheil, Robert Harr, Brent Rees, Keith Rauch, Zach Merritt, Dustin Weland, Greg Schaefer, Zac Taylor, Jesse Fernandez, Steve Newman, Mark Hamilton, Mark Bensenberg, Troy Simpson, Ryan Oerter, Ashley Oerter, Larry Bensenberg, Steve Estrada, Carson Garrett, Paul Babich, Lance Bennett, Jeff Crook, Bobby Gorczyca, Mark Chisholm, Collin Rinehart, Daniel Robinson, Matt Sherrell, Steven Shebester, Wesley Smith, Hunter Fischer, Grady Chandler, Shaun Shapel, Randy Oerter, Casey Shuman, Shane Reavis, Olivia McCauley38

Individual driver statistics for the 2016 Rocky Mountain Midget Racing Association - Midget Championship

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Babich, PaulFlag n/a11000
Bennett, LanceFlag n/a10000
Bensenberg, LarryFlag n/a2000
Bensenberg, MarkFlag n/a8000
Chandler, GradyFlag n/a1000
Chisholm, MarkFlag n/a3010
Crook, JeffFlag n/a3000
Dalby, RobertFlag n/a1110
Estrada, SteveFlag n/a3000
Fernandez, JesseFlag n/a1000
Fischer, HunterFlag n/a2000
Garrett, CarsonFlag n/a10000
Gorczyca, BobbyFlag n/a11000
Hamilton, MarkFlag n/a11010
Harr, RobertFlag n/a8030
Johnson, C JFlag 36 y/o1000
McCauley, OliviaFlag n/a1000
Merritt, ZachFlag n/a11000
Newman, SteveFlag n/a2000
Oerter, AshleyFlag n/a11000
Oerter, RandyFlag n/a1000
Oerter, RyanFlag n/a11020
Rauch, KeithFlag 46 y/o11790
Reavis, ShaneFlag n/a3000
Rees, BrentFlag n/a11010
Rinehart, CollinFlag n/a10000
Robinson, DanielFlag n/a2110
Rossi, TonyFlag n/a3110
Schaefer, GregFlag 48 y/o11020
Shapel, ShaunFlag 26 y/o20000
Shebester, StevenFlag 24 y/o2110
Sheil, ChrisFlag n/a9020
Sherrell, MattFlag 29 y/o2020
Shuman, CaseyFlag 36 y/o1000
Simpson, TroyFlag n/a11010
Smith, WesleyFlag n/a1000
Taylor, ZacFlag n/a11040
Weland, DustinFlag n/a7010
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