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Robbie Dean Memorial Series 2013 standings

Championship points standings for the Robbie Dean Memorial Series 2013

Most race winsFlag Greg Stapleton
Flag Brandon Oakley
Flag Mike Stacy
Most pole positionsFlag Greg Stapleton
Most podium positionsFlag Donald Mahaffey
Most podium positions without a winFlag Donald Mahaffey

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Greg Stapleton, Donald Mahaffey, Justin Alsip, Chad Pendleton, Mike Ward, Travis Braden, Matthew Parsons, Brandon Oakley, Mike Stacy, Josh Cahill, Donnie Hill, Bobby Justus, Bill Burba, Kyle Jones, Nathan Herron, Sam Heckman, Ray Muncy, Josh Smith, Russ Bobb, Bill Browning, Jim Lewis, Jr., Ryan Fleming, Eric Withers, Landon Sciacca, Terry Scherz, Brock Coyer, Cody Robinson, Brandon Bayse, Tyler Mahaffey, Shane Shirk, Daryl McKay, Howard Muncy, Arlis Williams, Doug Sommers, Brad Stiffler, Jacob Muncy, David Carter, Mark Parker, Johnny Jenkins, Bill Cantley, Christian PaHud, Joe Pflum, Buddy Townsend, Mike Holland, Rick Thompson, Jerry Shaffer, Jerry Williams, Burgess White, Erica Newcome, Mike Blankenship, Steve Karnes51

Individual driver statistics for the 2013 Robbie Dean Memorial Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Alsip, JustinFlag n/a3000
Bayse, BrandonFlag n/a1000
Blankenship, MikeFlag n/a00000
Bobb, RussFlag n/a2000
Braden, TravisFlag 19 y/o2010
Browning, BillFlag n/a1000
Burba, BillFlag 40 y/o2000
Cahill, JoshFlag n/a3000
Cantley, BillFlag n/a1000
Carter, DavidFlag n/a1000
Coyer, BrockFlag n/a1000
Fleming, RyanFlag n/a1000
Heckman, SamFlag n/a2000
Herron, NathanFlag n/a1010
Hill, DonnieFlag n/a2000
Holland, MikeFlag 41 y/o1000
Jenkins, JohnnyFlag n/a1000
Jones, KyleFlag n/a2000
Justus, BobbyFlag n/a3000
Karnes, SteveFlag n/a00000
Lewis, Jr., JimFlag n/a1000
Mahaffey, DonaldFlag n/a3020
Mahaffey, TylerFlag n/a1000
McKay, DarylFlag n/a1000
Muncy, HowardFlag n/a1000
Muncy, JacobFlag n/a2000
Muncy, RayFlag n/a3000
Newcome, EricaFlag n/a00000
Oakley, BrandonFlag 18 y/o2110
PaHud, ChristianFlag 20 y/o1000
Parker, MarkFlag n/a1000
Parsons, MatthewFlag n/a3000
Pendleton, ChadFlag n/a3010
Pflum, JoeFlag 60 y/o1000
Robinson, CodyFlag n/a1000
Scherz, TerryFlag n/a1000
Sciacca, LandonFlag n/a1000
Shaffer, JerryFlag n/a00000
Shirk, ShaneFlag 46 y/o2000
Smith, JoshFlag n/a2000
Sommers, DougFlag n/a1000
Stacy, MikeFlag n/a2110
Stapleton, GregFlag n/a3112
Stiffler, BradFlag n/a1000
Thompson, RickFlag n/a1000
Townsend, BuddyFlag n/a00000
Ward, MikeFlag 57 y/o3011
White, BurgessFlag n/a00000
Williams, ArlisFlag n/a1000
Williams, JerryFlag n/a00000
Withers, EricFlag n/a1000
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