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DMSB Renault Sport Clio Trophy 2001 standings

Championship points standings for the DMSB Renault Sport Clio Trophy 2001

Most race winsFlag Michael Bellmann
Most pole positionsFlag Michael Bellmann
Most podium positionsFlag Stefan Neuberger
Most podium positions without a winFlag Thomas Marschall
Most fastest race lapsFlag Michael Bellmann

Nationality of participating drivers

86.4%GermanyFlag Stefan Neuberger, Michael Bellmann, Rainer Noller, Marc Basseng, Thomas Marschall, Steve Abold, Tobias Schulze, Marco Seefried, Rainer Stiefel, John Westenberg, Manfred Ahlden, Horst Grohmann, Ulrich Rossaro, Karl-Heinz Pfaff, Frank Schmickler, Oliver Freymuth, Peter Scharmach, Reinhard Sesterheim, Bernhard Schnell19
4.5%SwitzerlandFlag Johnny Hauser1
4.5%SerbiaFlag Milovan Vesnic1
4.5%AustriaFlag Georg Kössl1

Individual driver statistics for the 2001 DMSB Renault Sport Clio Trophy

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Abold, SteveFlag 22 y/o80100
Ahlden, ManfredFlag 39 y/o70000
Basseng, MarcFlag 22 y/o80200
Bellmann, MichaelFlag 25 y/o83433
Freymuth, OliverFlag 41 y/o30000
Grohmann, HorstFlag n/a80000
Hauser, JohnnyFlag 29 y/o82421
Kössl, GeorgFlag n/a10000
Marschall, ThomasFlag 37 y/o80321
Neuberger, StefanFlag 41 y/o82512
Noller, RainerFlag 30 y/o80200
Pfaff, Karl-HeinzFlag 49 y/o60000
Rossaro, UlrichFlag 44 y/o50000
Scharmach, PeterFlag 37 y/o40000
Schmickler, FrankFlag 36 y/o10100
Schnell, BernhardFlag 44 y/o10000
Schulze, TobiasFlag 19 y/o70001
Seefried, MarcoFlag 25 y/o80100
Sesterheim, ReinhardFlag 44 y/o30000
Stiefel, RainerFlag n/a80100
Vesnic, MilovanFlag 25 y/o31100
Westenberg, JohnFlag n/a80000
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