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Queensland Raceway Production Sports 1 Hour 2015 standings

Race results for Queensland Raceway Production Sports 1 Hour 2015

1.Flag Geoff FaneGFR IndustriesDodge Viper GT3
2.Flag Wayne HennigPorsche 997 GT3 Cup
Fastest lap
3.Flag Grant SparksMcElrea RacingPorsche 997 GT3 Cup
3.Flag Rob ThomsonMcElrea RacingPorsche 997 GT3 Cup
4.Flag Ray AngusPorsche 997 GT3 Cup
4.Flag Steve McFaddenPorsche 997 GT3 Cup
5.Flag Roger HillGraham Lusty TrailersNissan R35 GT-R
6.Flag John PrefontaineGinetta G50
6.Flag Ron PrefontaineGinetta G50
7.Flag Brian FerrabeeMazda MX-5
8.Flag Jeff HumeMazda MX-5
8.Flag Russell SchlossMazda MX-5
9.Flag Paul AnsellMazda MX-5
10.Flag Angelo ServodioMazda MX-5
11.Flag Henri van RodenMazda MX-5
12.Flag Tony BonannoMazda MX-5
12.Flag Paul KeeferMazda MX-5
13.Flag Aaron WemyssMazda MX-5
14.Flag Tony RossMazda MX-5
Flag Darren BerryGinetta G50Z
Fastest lap
Flag Gavin ClayMazda MX-5
Flag Hayden CooperGinetta G50Z
Pole position
Fastest lap
Flag James HayMazda MX-5
Flag Cameron HeinMazda MX-5
Flag Ken JamesNissan 350Z
Flag Female Robin LaceyMazda MX-5
Flag Sean LaceyMazda MX-5
Flag Ash LoweMazda MX-5
Flag Graham LustyGraham Lusty TrailersMosler MT900
Flag Steve McLellanMazda MX-5 SP
Flag Michael SukaharMazda MX-5
Flag Wayne UdyPorsche 997 GT3 Cup
Flag James WallaceGraham Lusty TrailersMazda MX-5
Flag Timothy WallaceGraham Lusty TrailersMazda MX-5
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