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Queensland Raceway Production Sports 1 Hour 2013 standings

Race results for Queensland Raceway Production Sports 1 Hour 2013

1.Flag Andrew MacPhersonPorsche 997 GT3 Cup
2.Flag Michael CaineMazda RX-7 turbo
3.Flag Tom McGannPorsche 993 RSCS
3.Flag Chris StannardPorsche 993 RSCS
4.Flag Robert HackwoodLotus Exige (Toyota)
4.Flag John PrefontaineLotus Exige (Toyota)
5.Flag Mark StinsonNissan Silvia turbo
6.Flag David BarramMazda MX5
7.Flag Graham LustyMosler MT900 GT3 (Chevrolet)
Fastest lap
8.Flag Steve McLellanGinetta G50 (Ford)
9.Flag Manny MezzasalmaPorsche 993 RSCS
9.Flag Phil TreloarPorsche 993 RSCS
10.Flag Michael HallMazda MX5
11.Flag Andre BorellMazda MX5
11.Flag Julian ChambersMazda MX5
12.Flag Daniel DeckersMazda MX5
12.Flag Luke OttenMazda MX5
13.Flag Ken JamesNissan 350Z
14.Flag Angelo ServodioMazda MX5
15.Flag Jeff HumeMazda MX5
15.Flag Russell SchlossMazda MX5
16.Flag Paul AnsellMazda MX5
17.Flag Michael SukaharMazda MX5
18.Flag Female Angela CoradineLotus Exige (Toyota)
19.Flag Tony RossMazda MX5
20.Flag Ben CookMazda MX5
20.Flag William ThomasMazda MX5
21.Flag Gary BrownMazda MX5
21.Flag Roger CaveMazda MX5
22.Flag Dean WilsonMazda MX5
Flag Stephen AnnettChevrolet Corvette C6
Pole position
Flag Gordon ConnellyMazda MX5
Flag Darrell DixonNissan GT-R
Flag Female Sarah HarleyMazda MX5
Flag Cameron HeinMazda MX5
Flag Roger HillNissan GT-R
Flag Ash LoweMazda MX5
Flag Henri van RodenMazda MX5
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