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POWRi Racing - Midget 2008 standings

Championship points standings for the POWRi Racing - Midget 2008

Most race winsFlag Brad Loyet
Most podium positionsFlag Zach Daum
Flag Brad Loyet
Flag Brett Anderson
Most podium positions without a winFlag Dereck King

Nationality of participating drivers

96.6%U.S.A.Flag Brett Anderson, Gary Altig, Davey Ray, Brent Beauchamp, Danny Stratton, Zach Daum, Jerry Coons Jr., Richard David Camfield, Derrick Myers, Donnie Lehmann, Brad Loyet, Tony Roney, Daniel Robinson, Mike Riley, Hud Cone, Nick Knepper, Tyler Robbins, Justin Allgaier, Mike Hess, Robert Ballou, Tim Siner, David Camfield Jr, Greg Lueckert, Joe Boyles, Dereck King, Russ Harper, Chris Walker, Chad McDaniel, Will Pierce, Kenny Brown, Bill Allen, Garrett Hood, Cody Brewer, Austin Brown, Kent Schmidt, Johnny Murdock, Phillip Heavelow, Todd Jackson, Casey Shuman, Scott Christie, Matt Fox, Steve Knepper, Ryan Criswell, Daniel Adler, Derek Hagar, Dan Mecum, Jay Mounce, Kellen Conover, Donnie Beechler, Brad Kuhn, Kody Swanson, Jason Holt, Joey Moughan, Chase Barber, Matt Sherrell, Kevin Swindell, Chad Boat, Dave Darland, Bobby East, Chris Windom, Josh Ford, Dakoda Armstrong, Scott Hatton, Julee Jamison, Donnie Ray Crawford III, Terry Goodwin, Rick Shuman, Ryan Cole, Matt Johnson, Luke Icke, Kevin Olson, Tracy Hines, Ricky Ehrgott, Travis Berryhill, Danny Frye Jr, Kara King, Steven Weber, Danny Smith, Tyler Shoemaker, Kurt Mayhew, Aaron Fiscus, Richard Drangmeister, Ken Drangmeister, Jonathan Hendrick, Brian Wallace, Cruz Pedregon86
2.2%AustraliaFlag Adam Clarke, Matt Smith2
1.1%New ZealandFlag Michael Pickens1

Individual driver statistics for the 2008 POWRi Racing - Midget

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Adler, DanielFlag n/a8000
Allen, BillFlag n/a1000
Allgaier, JustinFlag 22 y/o3120
Altig, GaryFlag 21 y/o6010
Anderson, BrettFlag n/a16460
Armstrong, DakodaFlag 16 y/o1000
Ballou, RobertFlag n/a1000
Barber, ChaseFlag 20 y/o1000
Beauchamp, BrentFlag 17 y/o1000
Beechler, DonnieFlag 47 y/o1000
Berryhill, TravisFlag n/a1000
Boat, ChadFlag 16 y/o1010
Boyles, JoeFlag n/a3000
Brewer, CodyFlag 25 y/o3000
Brown, AustinFlag 18 y/o13000
Brown, KennyFlag n/a5000
Camfield, Richard DavidFlag 42 y/o12010
Camfield Jr, DavidFlag n/a10000
Christie, ScottFlag n/a1000
Clarke, AdamFlag 33 y/o2010
Cole, RyanFlag n/a10000
Cone, HudFlag n/a2000
Conover, KellenFlag n/a6000
Coons Jr., JerryFlag 36 y/o2000
Crawford III, Donnie RayFlag 20 y/o1000
Criswell, RyanFlag n/a5010
Darland, DaveFlag 41 y/o1000
Daum, ZachFlag 17 y/o16160
Drangmeister, KenFlag n/a1000
Drangmeister, RichardFlag n/a1000
East, BobbyFlag 23 y/o1000
Ehrgott, RickyFlag 20 y/o1000
Fiscus, AaronFlag 34 y/o1000
Ford, JoshFlag 25 y/o1000
Fox, MattFlag 33 y/o4000
Frye Jr, DannyFlag 59 y/o3000
Goodwin, TerryFlag 45 y/o1000
Hagar, DerekFlag 17 y/o2000
Harper, RussFlag n/a2000
Hatton, ScottFlag n/a2010
Heavelow, PhillipFlag n/a1000
Hendrick, JonathanFlag 17 y/o2000
Hess, MikeFlag 32 y/o10240
Hines, TracyFlag 36 y/o1000
Holt, JasonFlag n/a2000
Hood, GarrettFlag n/a4000
Icke, LukeFlag n/a10000
Jackson, ToddFlag n/a1000
Jamison, JuleeFlag 21 y/o1000
Johnson, MattFlag n/a10000
King, DereckFlag n/a12050
King, KaraFlag n/a2000
Knepper, NickFlag n/a13000
Knepper, SteveFlag n/a5000
Kuhn, BradFlag 26 y/o4010
Lehmann, DonnieFlag 39 y/o9000
Loyet, BradFlag 20 y/o11560
Lueckert, GregFlag n/a3010
Mayhew, KurtFlag n/a1000
McDaniel, ChadFlag 33 y/o2010
Mecum, DanFlag n/a2000
Moughan, JoeyFlag 23 y/o2000
Mounce, JayFlag n/a5000
Murdock, JohnnyFlag 35 y/o1000
Myers, DerrickFlag n/a8000
Olson, KevinFlag 57 y/o2000
Pedregon, CruzFlag 44 y/o1000
Pickens, MichaelFlag 25 y/o1000
Pierce, WillFlag n/a2000
Ray, DaveyFlag 29 y/o5020
Riley, MikeFlag n/a7000
Robbins, TylerFlag n/a11000
Robinson, DanielFlag n/a13120
Roney, TonyFlag n/a9000
Schmidt, KentFlag n/a5000
Sherrell, MattFlag 21 y/o3000
Shoemaker, TylerFlag 23 y/o1000
Shuman, CaseyFlag 28 y/o1110
Shuman, RickFlag n/a1000
Siner, TimFlag n/a12010
Smith, DannyFlag n/a2000
Smith, MattFlag n/a2000
Stratton, DannyFlag n/a1000
Swanson, KodyFlag 20 y/o2000
Swindell, KevinFlag 19 y/o1110
Walker, ChrisFlag n/a1000
Wallace, BrianFlag n/a2000
Weber, StevenFlag n/a1000
Windom, ChrisFlag 17 y/o1000
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