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Placerville Speedway - 360 Sprintcars 2014 standings

Championship points standings for the Placerville Speedway - 360 Sprintcars 2014

Most race winsFlag Justin Sanders
Most podium positionsFlag Justin Sanders
Most podium positions without a winFlag Jimmy Trulli
Most fastest race lapsFlag Justin Sanders

Nationality of participating drivers

98.3%U.S.A.Flag Andy Forsberg, Steven Tiner, Matt Peterson, James Sweeney, Justin Johnson, C J Humphreys, Sean Becker, Matt Barber, Stephen Ingraham, Cody Spencer, Scott Parker, Greg DeCaires, Shane Golobic, Jimmy Trulli, Matt Land, Mike Benson, Adam Walters, Bobby Butler, Joey Magaruh, Andy Gregg, Kirt Organ, Billy Butler, Steve Dill, Jake Morgan, Willie Croft, Justin Sanders, Alissa Geving, Kyler Shaw, Marissa Polizzi, Stepham Rahnm, Chris Masters, Koen Shaw, Clayton Snow, Adam Brenton, Charlie Cagle, Rob Lindsey, Garen Linder, Colby Wiesz, Cory Eliason, Herman Klein, Jade Parker, Tomas Bray, Logan Seavey, Nick McColloch, Jake Haulot, Max Adams, Colby Copeland, David Silveria, Dustin Golobic, Nick Davis, Scott Russell, Justyn Cox, Seth Nunes, George Moreno, Zack Lynskey, Mason Moore, Matt Sargent57
1.7%New ZealandFlag Jamie Duff1

Individual driver statistics for the 2014 Placerville Speedway - 360 Sprintcars

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Adams, MaxFlag 18 y/o20000
Barber, MattFlag n/a70000
Becker, SeanFlag 33 y/o20000
Benson, MikeFlag n/a130200
Bray, TomasFlag n/a00000
Brenton, AdamFlag 18 y/o30000
Butler, BillyFlag n/a110000
Butler, BobbyFlag n/a130000
Cagle, CharlieFlag n/a70100
Copeland, ColbyFlag n/a20000
Cox, JustynFlag 20 y/o30000
Croft, WillieFlag 41 y/o10000
Davis, NickFlag n/a10000
DeCaires, GregFlag 46 y/o134703
Dill, SteveFlag n/a80000
Duff, JamieFlag 24 y/o50000
Eliason, CoryFlag 22 y/o20000
Forsberg, AndyFlag 38 y/o132502
Geving, AlissaFlag n/a20000
Golobic, DustinFlag n/a20000
Golobic, ShaneFlag 22 y/o52302
Gregg, AndyFlag 34 y/o90100
Haulot, JakeFlag n/a10000
Humphreys, C JFlag 51 y/o90100
Ingraham, StephenFlag 29 y/o120000
Johnson, JustinFlag n/a130000
Klein, HermanFlag n/a30000
Land, MattFlag n/a50000
Linder, GarenFlag 28 y/o10000
Lindsey, RobFlag 45 y/o10000
Lynskey, ZackFlag n/a10000
Magaruh, JoeyFlag n/a30000
Masters, ChrisFlag 36 y/o60000
McColloch, NickFlag 33 y/o60000
Moore, MasonFlag 23 y/o10100
Moreno, GeorgeFlag n/a10000
Morgan, JakeFlag n/a130100
Nunes, SethFlag n/a10000
Organ, KirtFlag n/a50000
Parker, JadeFlag n/a10000
Parker, ScottFlag n/a30000
Peterson, MattFlag n/a110100
Polizzi, MarissaFlag n/a10000
Rahnm, StephamFlag n/a20000
Russell, ScottFlag n/a10000
Sanders, JustinFlag n/a135804
Sargent, MattFlag n/a10000
Seavey, LoganFlag 17 y/o40000
Shaw, KoenFlag 22 y/o100000
Shaw, KylerFlag n/a130000
Silveria, DavidFlag n/a10000
Snow, ClaytonFlag n/a30000
Spencer, CodyFlag n/a40000
Sweeney, JamesFlag n/a120201
Tiner, StevenFlag 30 y/o30200
Trulli, JimmyFlag 45 y/o130301
Walters, AdamFlag n/a70000
Wiesz, ColbyFlag n/a50100
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