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Coupe Peugeot 206 RCC 2007 standings

Championship points standings for the Coupe Peugeot 206 RCC 2007

Most race winsFlag Julien Beltoise
Flag Jean-Charles Valinho
Most pole positionsFlag Julien Beltoise
Most podium positionsFlag Julien Beltoise
Most podium positions without a winFlag Alexandre Rambure
Most fastest race lapsFlag Julien Beltoise

Nationality of participating drivers

100%FranceFlag Julien Beltoise, Jean-Charles Valinho, Nicolas Milan, Jean-Marie Clairet, Alexandre Rambure, Quentin Morel, Marc Thomas Guillot, Sébastien Seveau, Clément Delporte, Bruno Courtois, Guillaume Blancardi, Axel Dolhem, Eric Poillot, Romain Hofman, Olivier Ferrant, Jean Binet, Xavier Guyonnet, André Marvie, Jean-Michel Pierre, Jean-Charles Miginiac, Jean-Michel Raoux, Nicolas Perez, Guillaume Bergeon, Christian Bottemanne, Julien Rueflin, Yves Coutherut, Henri Dafeur, Jack Vosa'hlo, Didier Blanc, Claude Anouilh, Jean-Marc Morizet, Ludovic Lesoudier, Vincent Huot, Jean-Claude Lompech, Julien Susanna, Grégory Guilvert, Frédéric Gabillon, Stéphane Henry, Philippe Goubet, Jean-Marc Thevenot40

Individual driver statistics for the 2007 Coupe Peugeot 206 RCC

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Anouilh, ClaudeFlag n/a40000
Beltoise, JulienFlag 33 y/o124954
Bergeon, GuillaumeFlag n/a120000
Binet, JeanFlag n/a140000
Blanc, DidierFlag n/a60000
Blancardi, GuillaumeFlag 21 y/o120000
Bottemanne, ChristianFlag 50 y/o130000
Clairet, Jean-MarieFlag 40 y/o142533
Courtois, BrunoFlag n/a140200
Coutherut, YvesFlag n/a120000
Dafeur, HenriFlag n/a80000
Delporte, ClémentFlag n/a131202
Dolhem, AxelFlag n/a120000
Ferrant, OlivierFlag n/a60000
Gabillon, FrédéricFlag 31 y/o20000
Goubet, PhilippeFlag 42 y/o30000
Guillot, Marc ThomasFlag 20 y/o140100
Guilvert, GrégoryFlag 25 y/o40100
Guyonnet, XavierFlag n/a130000
Henry, StéphaneFlag n/a20000
Hofman, RomainFlag n/a140000
Huot, VincentFlag n/a40000
Lesoudier, LudovicFlag 40 y/o90000
Lompech, Jean-ClaudeFlag n/a20000
Marvie, AndréFlag n/a100000
Miginiac, Jean-CharlesFlag 43 y/o70000
Milan, NicolasFlag 27 y/o143632
Morel, QuentinFlag 23 y/o140310
Morizet, Jean-MarcFlag n/a60000
Perez, NicolasFlag n/a140000
Pierre, Jean-MichelFlag n/a140000
Poillot, EricFlag n/a140000
Rambure, AlexandreFlag n/a140500
Raoux, Jean-MichelFlag n/a60000
Rueflin, JulienFlag n/a140000
Seveau, SébastienFlag n/a140200
Susanna, JulienFlag n/a40000
Thevenot, Jean-MarcFlag n/a20000
Valinho, Jean-CharlesFlag n/a144623
Vosa'hlo, JackFlag n/a80000
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