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Patriot Sprint Group Series 2011 standings

Championship points standings for the Patriot Sprint Group Series 2011

Most race winsFlag Jared Zimbardi
Flag Bryan Howland
Flag George Suprick III
Flag Chuck Hebing
Flag J J Grasso
Most podium positionsFlag Jared Zimbardi
Flag Scott Kreutter
Flag Bryan Howland
Flag Dain Naida
Flag George Suprick III
Most podium positions without a winFlag Scott Kreutter
Flag Dain Naida

Nationality of participating drivers

63.9%U.S.A.Flag Jared Zimbardi, Tim Kelly, Brad Knab, Scott Kreutter, Steve Collins, Don Adamczyk, Bryan Howland, Jeff Frasier, Shane Ely, Dain Naida, Dave Wickham, Kyle Moffit, Vern Wasson, George Suprick III, Todd Hoddick, Jay Groves, Chuck Hebing, Justin Barger, Bruce DeWick, Jason Barney, Lance Yonge, Jeff Cook, Jim Porter, Chris Shuttleworth, J J Grasso, Josh Weller, Randy West, Becca Anderson, Robbie Stillwaggon, Curt Michael, Kramer Williamson, Davie Franek, Tim Hogue, Kevin Ward Jr, Dylan Swiernik, Troy Betts, Art Liedl, Steve Whary, Jonathon Swanson, Cory Sparks, Shawn Donath, Gary Troutman, Jeremy Barnard, Adam Anderson, Dylan Proctor, Brandan Warner46
36.1%CanadaFlag Mitch Brown, Michael Parent, Keith Dempster, Chris Jones, Jamie Collard, Glenn Styres, Steve Poirier, Alain Bergeron, Devin Caron, Chris Durand, Dave Dykstra, Paul Pekkonen, Doug Banks, Patrick Vigneault, Rick Wilson, April Wilson, Kyle Lefelhoc, Brian McDonald, Tyler Rand, Travis Cunningham, Mikey Kruchka, Jim Huppunen, Chris Steele, Tim Zack, Jamie Turner, Brad Lodge26

Individual driver statistics for the 2011 Patriot Sprint Group Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Adamczyk, DonFlag 41 y/o5000
Anderson, AdamFlag n/a2000
Anderson, BeccaFlag 32 y/o1000
Banks, DougFlag 37 y/o000
Barger, JustinFlag 27 y/o1010
Barnard, JeremyFlag 33 y/o1000
Barney, JasonFlag 31 y/o000
Bergeron, AlainFlag 44 y/o1000
Betts, TroyFlag n/a1000
Brown, MitchFlag n/a4000
Caron, DevinFlag n/a000
Collard, JamieFlag n/a1000
Collins, SteveFlag n/a5000
Cook, JeffFlag 40 y/o1000
Cunningham, TravisFlag 24 y/o1000
Dempster, KeithFlag n/a1000
DeWick, BruceFlag 26 y/o3000
Donath, ShawnFlag 39 y/o10000
Durand, ChrisFlag n/a1000
Dykstra, DaveFlag n/a000
Ely, ShaneFlag 16 y/o4000
Franek, DavieFlag n/a1000
Frasier, JeffFlag n/a4000
Grasso, J JFlag 26 y/o1110
Groves, JayFlag n/a3000
Hebing, ChuckFlag 47 y/o2110
Hoddick, ToddFlag n/a4000
Hogue, TimFlag n/a1000
Howland, BryanFlag 24 y/o5120
Huppunen, JimFlag 30 y/o1000
Jones, ChrisFlag 38 y/o1000
Kelly, TimFlag 41 y/o5010
Knab, BradFlag n/a4000
Kreutter, ScottFlag n/a5020
Kruchka, MikeyFlag n/a1000
Lefelhoc, KyleFlag n/a3000
Liedl, ArtFlag n/a1000
Lodge, BradFlag n/a10000
McDonald, BrianFlag 39 y/o000
Michael, CurtFlag 39 y/o1000
Moffit, KyleFlag 23 y/o3000
Naida, DainFlag 39 y/o3020
Parent, MichaelFlag 21 y/o1000
Pekkonen, PaulFlag n/a000
Poirier, SteveFlag 39 y/o1000
Porter, JimFlag n/a2000
Proctor, DylanFlag n/a2000
Rand, TylerFlag n/a1000
Shuttleworth, ChrisFlag 46 y/o1000
Sparks, CoryFlag 24 y/o10000
Steele, ChrisFlag n/a1000
Stillwaggon, RobbieFlag n/a1000
Styres, GlennFlag 47 y/o1000
Suprick III, GeorgeFlag 52 y/o3120
Swanson, JonathonFlag n/a10000
Swiernik, DylanFlag 17 y/o1000
Troutman, GaryFlag 57 y/o1000
Turner, JamieFlag 50 y/o1000
Vigneault, PatrickFlag n/a000
Ward Jr, KevinFlag 17 y/o1000
Warner, BrandanFlag 25 y/o10000
Wasson, VernFlag n/a5000
Weller, JoshFlag 26 y/o1010
West, RandyFlag n/a1000
Whary, SteveFlag n/a1000
Wickham, DaveFlag n/a5000
Williamson, KramerFlag 61 y/o1000
Wilson, AprilFlag 20 y/o000
Wilson, RickFlag 53 y/o000
Yonge, LanceFlag 47 y/o1000
Zack, TimFlag n/a1000
Zimbardi, JaredFlag 24 y/o5120
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