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Parramatta City Raceway - Speedcars Championship 2020 standings

Championship points standings for the Parramatta City Raceway - Speedcars Championship 2020

Most race winsFlag Matt Jackson
Most podium positionsFlag Matt Jackson
Most podium positions without a winFlag Harley Smee
Most fastest race lapsFlag Matt Jackson

Nationality of participating drivers

96.3%AustraliaFlag Matt Jackson, Daniel Paterson, Robert Mackay, Jeffrey Burns, Alan Day, Ben Morgan, Kaidon Brown, Robert Jackson, Brock Dean, Harley Smee, Robert Heard, Dan Biner, Todd Wigzell, Callum Whatmore, Glenn Wright, D J Raw, Graeme Flynn, Jamie Hall, Cameron Ware, Domain Ramsay, Michael Stewart, Darren Jenkins, Troy Jenkins, Gary Rooke, Glen Arnold, Cameron Malouf, Travis Mills, Nathan Smee, Mitch Brien, Rod Francis, Darren Vine, Dillon Ghent, Ayden Elliott, Charlie Brown, Jeremy Evans, Rusty Whittaker, Braydan Willmington, Dave Lambert, Paul Murphy, Jordan MacKay, Sam Walsh, Adam Wallis, Dean Meadows, Glen Shaw, Stephen Birkett, Andy Hassan, Clint Leibhardt, Ried MacKay, Warren Ferguson, Keenan Fleming, Brett Morris, Anthony Chaffey52
1.9%New ZealandFlag Jay Waugh1
1.9%U.S.A.Flag Carson Macedo1

Individual driver statistics for the 2020 Parramatta City Raceway - Speedcars Championship

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Arnold, GlenFlag n/a40000
Biner, DanFlag n/a80000
Birkett, StephenFlag n/a30000
Brien, MitchFlag n/a10000
Brown, CharlieFlag n/a20000
Brown, KaidonFlag n/a61402
Burns, JeffreyFlag n/a100000
Chaffey, AnthonyFlag n/a10000
Day, AlanFlag n/a100000
Dean, BrockFlag 42 y/o10100
Elliott, AydenFlag n/a50000
Evans, JeremyFlag n/a20000
Ferguson, WarrenFlag n/a10100
Fleming, KeenanFlag n/a10000
Flynn, GraemeFlag n/a10000
Francis, RodFlag n/a10000
Ghent, DillonFlag n/a10000
Hall, JamieFlag n/a70000
Hassan, AndyFlag n/a30000
Heard, RobertFlag n/a20000
Jackson, MattFlag n/a104603
Jackson, RobertFlag n/a80000
Jenkins, DarrenFlag n/a40101
Jenkins, TroyFlag n/a60000
Lambert, DaveFlag n/a20000
Leibhardt, ClintFlag n/a20000
Macedo, CarsonFlag 24 y/o32301
MacKay, JordanFlag n/a30000
MacKay, RiedFlag n/a30000
Mackay, RobertFlag n/a60100
Malouf, CameronFlag n/a60000
Meadows, DeanFlag n/a30000
Mills, TravisFlag n/a10000
Morgan, BenFlag n/a80000
Morris, BrettFlag n/a10000
Murphy, PaulFlag n/a10000
Paterson, DanielFlag n/a60100
Ramsay, DomainFlag 49 y/o30000
Raw, D JFlag n/a90000
Rooke, GaryFlag n/a30000
Shaw, GlenFlag n/a20000
Smee, HarleyFlag n/a80200
Smee, NathanFlag n/a62301
Stewart, MichaelFlag n/a61501
Vine, DarrenFlag n/a10000
Wallis, AdamFlag 46 y/o20000
Walsh, SamFlag n/a20101
Ware, CameronFlag n/a40100
Waugh, JayFlag n/a60000
Whatmore, CallumFlag 35 y/o30000
Whittaker, RustyFlag n/a10000
Wigzell, ToddFlag 38 y/o30000
Willmington, BraydanFlag 22 y/o10000
Wright, GlennFlag n/a10000
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