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BSR West Super Late Models 2008 standings

Championship points standings for the BSR West Super Late Models 2008

Most race winsFlag Linny White
Most pole positionsFlag Linny White
Most podium positionsFlag Linny White
Most podium positions without a winFlag David Ross
Flag David Quartero
Flag Ray Hooper, Jr.

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Linny White, Rick Chavez, John Keller, Jimmy Dickerson, Danny Gay, Ron Hornaday, Jr., John Evans, Derek Becker, Chris Oddo, David Ross, Dustin Ash, Rick McCray, Jr., Austin Murphy, Tony Barnes, Joe Bubbico, Bryan Glidewell, John Soares, Jeff Eshelman, Lindsey White, Steve Smith, Joe Perez, Jim Conklin, Eric Sweetman, C.J. Evans, Anthony Maniella, John Manke, Jimmy Rouse, Jr., Ray Hooper, Jr., Tony Forfa, III, Frankie Gould, Dave Scheidecker, Rob Kiemele, Barry Karr, Mark Shackleford, Roger Brown, Dee Cable, Glenn Cummings, Eric Barron, Ryan Daniels, Kendall Scheidecker, Keith Blomgren, Jerry Lorenz, David Quartero, Ron Wood, Jason Collins, Mike Lee, Richard Hooper, Jared King, David Glidewell, Skyler Mortensen, Jeremy Edwards, A.C. Cambric, Chuck Becker, II, Tommy Fowler, Kyle McGrady, Don Minut, Brian Becker, Frank Young58

Individual driver statistics for the 2008 BSR West Super Late Models

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Ash, DustinFlag 20 y/o1110
Barnes, TonyFlag n/a2000
Barron, EricFlag n/a2000
Becker, BrianFlag n/a1000
Becker, DerekFlag n/a2000
Becker, II, ChuckFlag 63 y/o1000
Blomgren, KeithFlag n/a3000
Brown, RogerFlag n/a14150
Bubbico, JoeFlag n/a2000
Cable, DeeFlag n/a18000
Cambric, A.C.Flag 43 y/o1000
Chavez, RickFlag n/a17141
Collins, JasonFlag n/a1000
Conklin, JimFlag n/a4000
Cummings, GlennFlag n/a15490
Daniels, RyanFlag n/a2000
Dickerson, JimmyFlag n/a2000
Edwards, JeremyFlag n/a2000
Eshelman, JeffFlag n/a2000
Evans, C.J.Flag n/a5000
Evans, JohnFlag n/a1000
Forfa, III, TonyFlag n/a13000
Fowler, TommyFlag n/a1000
Gay, DannyFlag n/a1000
Glidewell, BryanFlag n/a3000
Glidewell, DavidFlag n/a3000
Gould, FrankieFlag n/a10003
Hooper, RichardFlag n/a1000
Hooper, Jr., RayFlag n/a10010
Hornaday, Jr., RonFlag 50 y/o1000
Karr, BarryFlag n/a11160
Keller, JohnFlag n/a18120
Kiemele, RobFlag n/a12130
King, JaredFlag n/a2000
Lee, MikeFlag n/a1000
Lorenz, JerryFlag n/a2000
Maniella, AnthonyFlag n/a5000
Manke, JohnFlag n/a8111
McCray, Jr., RickFlag n/a5000
McGrady, KyleFlag n/a1000
Minut, DonFlag n/a1000
Mortensen, SkylerFlag n/a1000
Murphy, AustinFlag n/a2110
Oddo, ChrisFlag n/a1000
Perez, JoeFlag n/a4000
Quartero, DavidFlag n/a1010
Ross, DavidFlag n/a1010
Rouse, Jr., JimmyFlag n/a9000
Scheidecker, DaveFlag n/a13000
Scheidecker, KendallFlag n/a3000
Shackleford, MarkFlag n/a11280
Smith, SteveFlag 42 y/o4000
Soares, JohnFlag n/a2000
Sweetman, EricFlag n/a4110
White, LindseyFlag n/a4000
White, LinnyFlag 30 y/o1861213
Wood, RonFlag n/a2000
Young, FrankFlag n/a1000
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