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Ameri-Flex Oil Capital Racing Series 2018 standings

Championship points standings for the Ameri-Flex Oil Capital Racing Series 2018

Most race winsFlag Zach Chappell
Most podium positionsFlag Zach Chappell
Most podium positions without a winFlag Danny Smith
Flag Mickey Walker

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Alex Sewell, Sean McClelland, Danny Smith, Layne Himebaugh, Noah Harris, Casey Wills, Jamie Passmore, Joe Bob Lee, Whit Gastineau, Cody Jarvis, Jimmy Taylor, Larry Bratti, Brett Wilson, Zach Chappell, Joe Wood Jr, Frank Taft, Ryan Dean, Matt Cash, Shane Sellers, David Stephenson, Nicholas Lucito, Johnny Kent, James Shoun, Morgan Fletcher, Alison Slaton, Shayla Waddell, Mickey Walker, Noah Gass, Kyle Clark, Joseph Miller, Donovan Wise, Dan Schnackenberg, Perry Pickard, Sheldon Barksdale, Matt Moore, Robert Sellers, Gary Owens, David Baxter, Michael Bookout, Alex DeCamp, Andrew Deal, Cameron Hagin, Terry Easum, James Price, Brendon Wiseley, Matt Sherrell, Jaiden Hughes, Bailey Hughes, Kenneth Walker, Tim Kent, Keith Bolton, Brent Bates, Jared Sewell, Brayden Voigt, Patrick Prescott, Duane Baker, Mike Goodman, Fred Mattox, Shawn Wicker, Chance Morton60

Individual driver statistics for the 2018 Ameri-Flex Oil Capital Racing Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Baker, DuaneFlag n/a10000
Barksdale, SheldonFlag n/a9150
Bates, BrentFlag n/a20000
Baxter, DavidFlag n/a50000
Bolton, KeithFlag n/a10000
Bookout, MichaelFlag 23 y/o20000
Bratti, LarryFlag n/a20000
Cash, MattFlag n/a30000
Chappell, ZachFlag 36 y/o10360
Clark, KyleFlag n/a20000
Deal, AndrewFlag 30 y/o5010
Dean, RyanFlag n/a10000
DeCamp, AlexFlag n/a3010
Easum, TerryFlag n/a30000
Fletcher, MorganFlag n/a00000
Gass, NoahFlag 14 y/o70000
Gastineau, WhitFlag n/a9130
Goodman, MikeFlag n/a1110
Hagin, CameronFlag 24 y/o40000
Harris, NoahFlag n/a10000
Himebaugh, LayneFlag n/a7010
Hughes, BaileyFlag n/a00000
Hughes, JaidenFlag n/a10000
Jarvis, CodyFlag n/a10000
Kent, JohnnyFlag 37 y/o9010
Kent, TimFlag n/a30000
Lee, Joe BobFlag n/a100000
Lucito, NicholasFlag n/a10000
Mattox, FredFlag n/a10000
McClelland, SeanFlag 43 y/o2110
Miller, JosephFlag n/a70000
Moore, MattFlag n/a10000
Morton, ChanceFlag n/a10000
Owens, GaryFlag n/a20000
Passmore, JamieFlag 42 y/o20000
Pickard, PerryFlag n/a100000
Prescott, PatrickFlag n/a10000
Price, JamesFlag n/a20000
Schnackenberg, DanFlag n/a10000
Sellers, RobertFlag n/a20000
Sellers, ShaneFlag n/a5110
Sewell, AlexFlag n/a10250
Sewell, JaredFlag n/a10000
Sherrell, MattFlag 31 y/o30000
Shoun, JamesFlag 56 y/o30000
Slaton, AlisonFlag n/a80000
Smith, DannyFlag n/a3020
Stephenson, DavidFlag n/a30000
Taft, FrankFlag n/a90000
Taylor, JimmyFlag n/a20000
Voigt, BraydenFlag n/a10000
Waddell, ShaylaFlag n/a100000
Walker, KennethFlag 49 y/o10000
Walker, MickeyFlag 21 y/o10020
Wicker, ShawnFlag n/a10000
Wills, CaseyFlag n/a90000
Wilson, BrettFlag n/a20000
Wise, DonovanFlag n/a20000
Wiseley, BrendonFlag n/a10000
Wood Jr, JoeFlag 33 y/o10000
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