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Ohsweken Speedway - 360 Sprintcars 2012 standings

Championship points standings for the Ohsweken Speedway - 360 Sprintcars 2012

Most race winsFlag Glenn Styres
Flag Chris Steele
Flag Tom Huppunen
Most podium positionsFlag Glenn Styres
Flag Dain Naida
Flag Chris Steele
Most podium positions without a winFlag Dain Naida

Nationality of participating drivers

76.3%CanadaFlag Glenn Styres, Chris Steele, Jamie Collard, Tom Huppunen, Jim Huppunen, Chris Jones, Mikey Kruchka, Chris Durand, Dave Dykstra, Keith Dempster, Conor Mahoney, Travis Cunningham, Tyler Rand, Mitch Brown, Bob Crawford, Shane Ross, Brad Malloy, Stan Zanchin, Steven Goldner, Zach Zumpe, John Burbridge, Scott Sherk, John Burbridge Jr, Jesse Costa, James Evans, Jamie Turner, Shane Butler, Sammy Steiss, Wayne Ashton29
21.1%U.S.A.Flag Dain Naida, Jared Zimbardi, Todd Hoddick, Derek Jonathan, Scott Kreutter, Jim Porter, Cruz Pedregon, Bryan Howland8
2.6%New ZealandFlag Havard Daniels1

Individual driver statistics for the 2012 Ohsweken Speedway - 360 Sprintcars

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Ashton, WayneFlag n/a10000
Brown, MitchFlag n/a30000
Burbridge, JohnFlag n/a10000
Burbridge Jr, JohnFlag n/a30000
Butler, ShaneFlag n/a10000
Collard, JamieFlag n/a20000
Costa, JesseFlag n/a20000
Crawford, BobFlag n/a30000
Cunningham, TravisFlag 25 y/o30000
Daniels, HavardFlag n/a30000
Dempster, KeithFlag n/a3010
Durand, ChrisFlag n/a10000
Dykstra, DaveFlag n/a30000
Evans, JamesFlag n/a00000
Goldner, StevenFlag n/a30000
Hoddick, ToddFlag n/a30000
Howland, BryanFlag 25 y/o10000
Huppunen, JimFlag 31 y/o30000
Huppunen, TomFlag n/a3110
Jonathan, DerekFlag 31 y/o30000
Jones, ChrisFlag 39 y/o10000
Kreutter, ScottFlag n/a20000
Kruchka, MikeyFlag n/a30000
Mahoney, ConorFlag n/a30000
Malloy, BradFlag n/a30000
Naida, DainFlag 40 y/o3020
Pedregon, CruzFlag 48 y/o00000
Porter, JimFlag n/a20000
Rand, TylerFlag n/a2010
Ross, ShaneFlag n/a30000
Sherk, ScottFlag n/a20000
Steele, ChrisFlag n/a3120
Steiss, SammyFlag n/a10000
Styres, GlennFlag 48 y/o3120
Turner, JamieFlag 51 y/o20000
Zanchin, StanFlag n/a30000
Zimbardi, JaredFlag 25 y/o30000
Zumpe, ZachFlag n/a10000
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