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NRA Sprint Invaders 2016 standings

Championship points standings for the NRA Sprint Invaders 2016

Most race winsFlag Jared Horstman
Most podium positionsFlag Jared Horstman
Most podium positions without a winFlag Butch Schroeder
Flag Kyle Sauder

Nationality of participating drivers

92.5%U.S.A.Flag Jared Horstman, Phil Gressman, Max Stambaugh, Randy Hannagan, Butch Schroeder, Tim Allison, Brandon Ferguson, Kevin Roberts Jr, Jeff Williams, Devin Dobie, Nick Roberts, Dustin Stroup, Shawn Dancer, Sean Hosey, J R Stewart, James Horton, Jarrod Delong, Kyle Sauder, Dane Lorenc, Brad Lamberson, Mike Dunlap, Ron Blair, Jerrod Wilson, Dustin Daggett, Chase Ridenour, Gregg Dalman, Andy Teunessen, Matthew Douglas Westfall, Kyle Locke, Zane DeVault, Jim Perricone, Joe Geibe, Alexis Adgate, Ryan Ruhl, Joe Swanson, Ben Rutan, Jack Miller37
7.5%CanadaFlag Mitch Brown, Alex Hill, Chris Durand3

Individual driver statistics for the 2016 NRA Sprint Invaders

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Adgate, AlexisFlag n/a10000
Allison, TimFlag 57 y/o5010
Blair, RonFlag n/a2000
Brown, MitchFlag n/a2010
Daggett, DustinFlag 33 y/o1000
Dalman, GreggFlag 44 y/o1000
Dancer, ShawnFlag 37 y/o5000
Delong, JarrodFlag n/a4000
DeVault, ZaneFlag n/a20000
Dobie, DevinFlag n/a5110
Dunlap, MikeFlag n/a4000
Durand, ChrisFlag n/a10000
Ferguson, BrandonFlag n/a4000
Geibe, JoeFlag n/a10000
Gressman, PhilFlag 47 y/o4010
Hannagan, RandyFlag 49 y/o2000
Hill, AlexFlag 16 y/o1000
Horstman, JaredFlag n/a5350
Horton, JamesFlag n/a5010
Hosey, SeanFlag n/a5000
Lamberson, BradFlag n/a2000
Locke, KyleFlag n/a1000
Lorenc, DaneFlag n/a2000
Miller, JackFlag n/a10000
Perricone, JimFlag n/a10000
Ridenour, ChaseFlag n/a1000
Roberts, NickFlag n/a5000
Roberts Jr, KevinFlag n/a5000
Ruhl, RyanFlag n/a10000
Rutan, BenFlag 44 y/o1000
Sauder, KyleFlag n/a3020
Schroeder, ButchFlag n/a4020
Stambaugh, MaxFlag 20 y/o5000
Stewart, J RFlag n/a5110
Stroup, DustinFlag n/a1000
Swanson, JoeFlag n/a1000
Teunessen, AndyFlag 40 y/o1000
Westfall, Matthew DouglasFlag 39 y/o1000
Williams, JeffFlag n/a5000
Wilson, JerrodFlag n/a1000
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