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NOW 600 National Micros Series - Winged A class 2015 standings

Championship points standings for the NOW 600 National Micros Series - Winged A class 2015

Most race winsFlag Dean Drake Jr
Flag Frank Flud
Flag Joey Starnes
Most podium positionsFlag Dean Drake Jr
Most podium positions without a winFlag Bailey Felkins
Flag Bobby McIntosh
Flag Cannon McIntosh
Flag John Binz
Flag Dustin Davidson

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Dean Drake Jr, Bailey Felkins, Bobby McIntosh, Frank Flud, Cannon McIntosh, Victor McAnally, David McIntosh, Karley Kay Dobson, Cole Roberts, Shane Weeks, Ray Barnes, Noah Harris, Jace McIntosh, Chance Morton, Ace McCarthy, Curtis Jones, Roy Maxwell, Dakota Phillips, Joey Starnes, Aaron Dromgoole, John Binz, Dustin Davidson, Chance McCrary, Colby Stubblefield, Taylor Neilson, Westin Walker, Colton Corbin, Bill Harvill, Jessica Estes, Morgan Roan, Stephen Smith, Weston Gorham, Shelbie Goad, Chris Larson, Cody Price, Blake Farley, Chad Cuddeford, Jared Presser, Johnny Boland39

Individual driver statistics for the 2015 NOW 600 National Micros Series - Winged A class

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Barnes, RayFlag n/a10000
Binz, JohnFlag n/a1010
Boland, JohnnyFlag n/a10000
Corbin, ColtonFlag n/a10000
Cuddeford, ChadFlag n/a10000
Davidson, DustinFlag n/a1010
Dobson, Karley KayFlag n/a10000
Drake Jr, DeanFlag n/a3120
Dromgoole, AaronFlag n/a10000
Estes, JessicaFlag n/a10000
Farley, BlakeFlag n/a10000
Felkins, BaileyFlag n/a2010
Flud, FrankFlag n/a1110
Goad, ShelbieFlag n/a10000
Gorham, WestonFlag n/a10000
Harris, NoahFlag n/a10000
Harvill, BillFlag n/a10000
Jones, CurtisFlag n/a10000
Larson, ChrisFlag n/a10000
Maxwell, RoyFlag n/a10000
McAnally, VictorFlag n/a10000
McCarthy, AceFlag n/a10000
McCrary, ChanceFlag n/a10000
McIntosh, BobbyFlag n/a2010
McIntosh, CannonFlag n/a1010
McIntosh, DavidFlag n/a10000
McIntosh, JaceFlag n/a10000
Morton, ChanceFlag n/a10000
Neilson, TaylorFlag n/a10000
Phillips, DakotaFlag n/a10000
Presser, JaredFlag n/a10000
Price, CodyFlag n/a10000
Roan, MorganFlag n/a10000
Roberts, ColeFlag n/a10000
Smith, StephenFlag n/a10000
Starnes, JoeyFlag n/a1110
Stubblefield, ColbyFlag n/a10000
Walker, WestinFlag n/a10000
Weeks, ShaneFlag n/a10000
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