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New Zealand Minisprints Championship 2017 standings

Championship points standings for the New Zealand Minisprints Championship 2017

Most race winsFlag Christian Hermansen
Flag Dean Cooper
Flag Ben Vaughan
Most podium positionsFlag Jamie Larsen
Most podium positions without a winFlag Jamie Larsen
Most fastest race lapsFlag Christian Hermansen
Flag Glen McCutcheon
Flag Karl McGill

Nationality of participating drivers

100%New ZealandFlag Christian Hermansen, Dean Cooper, Jamie Larsen, Ben Vaughan, Shane Dewar, Ash Emmerson, Nathan Jefferies, Donald Kuriger, Shaun Dickie, Todd Phillips, Karl Uhlenberg, Jade Barnett, Glen McCutcheon, Karl McGill, Craig Mason, Herb Tarrant, Carol Golding, Daniel Nickel, Bayley Betts, Conrad Hall, Shane Simpson21

Individual driver statistics for the 2017 New Zealand Minisprints Championship

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Barnett, JadeFlag n/a30100
Betts, BayleyFlag n/a30000
Cooper, DeanFlag n/a31100
Dewar, ShaneFlag 31 y/o30100
Dickie, ShaunFlag n/a30000
Emmerson, AshFlag n/a30000
Golding, CarolFlag n/a30000
Hall, ConradFlag n/a10000
Hermansen, ChristianFlag 25 y/o31201
Jefferies, NathanFlag n/a30000
Kuriger, DonaldFlag n/a30000
Larsen, JamieFlag 24 y/o30300
Mason, CraigFlag n/a30000
McCutcheon, GlenFlag n/a30001
McGill, KarlFlag n/a30001
Nickel, DanielFlag n/a30000
Phillips, ToddFlag n/a30000
Simpson, ShaneFlag n/a30000
Tarrant, HerbFlag n/a30000
Uhlenberg, KarlFlag n/a30000
Vaughan, BenFlag n/a31100
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