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NCRA 360 Sprint Series 2019 standings

Championship points standings for the NCRA 360 Sprint Series 2019

Most race winsFlag Terry McCarl
Flag Wayne Johnson
Flag Danny Jennings
Flag Jeremy Campbell
Flag Danny Wood
Flag Grady Chandler
Flag Sean McClelland
Most podium positionsFlag Zach Chappell
Most podium positions without a winFlag Zach Chappell

Nationality of participating drivers

98.2%U.S.A.Flag Terry McCarl, Sam Hafertepe Jr., Aaron Reutzel, Wayne Johnson, Jamie Ball, Danny Jennings, Joe Wood Jr, Jeremy Campbell, Jake Greider, Brandon Hanks, Jeff Stasa, Harli White, John Carney, Danny Wood, Nicholas Howard, Don Droud Jr, Tucker Doughty, Blake Hahn, Seth Bergman, Tyler Knight, Matt Covington, Ray Seemann, Eric Matthews, Mike Woodruff, J D Johnson, Kaden Taylor, Kyle Clark, Forrest Sutherland, J R Topper, Zach Blurton, Michelle Decker, Jake Bubak, Travis Reber, Grady Chandler, Zach Chappell, Randy Woodside, Tanner Berryhill, Monty Ferriera, Ty Williams, Jordan Weaver, Fred Mattox, Sean McClelland, Alex Sewell, Layne Himebaugh, Kyle Bellm, Noah Harris, Jared Sewell, Casey Wills, Andrew Deal, Mike Goodman, Jase Randolph, Avery Goodman, Bailey Felkins, Lance Norick, Brandon Anderson55
1.8%CanadaFlag Dylan Westbrook1

Individual driver statistics for the 2019 NCRA 360 Sprint Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Anderson, BrandonFlag n/a10000
Ball, JamieFlag 29 y/o10000
Bellm, KyleFlag 28 y/o10000
Bergman, SethFlag 31 y/o10000
Berryhill, TannerFlag 25 y/o30000
Blurton, ZachFlag 24 y/o20100
Bubak, JakeFlag 24 y/o10000
Campbell, JeremyFlag 35 y/o5110
Carney, JohnFlag n/a10000
Chandler, GradyFlag n/a3110
Chappell, ZachFlag 37 y/o4030
Clark, KyleFlag n/a40000
Covington, MattFlag 29 y/o10000
Deal, AndrewFlag 31 y/o2010
Decker, MichelleFlag n/a30000
Doughty, TuckerFlag n/a10000
Droud Jr, DonFlag 57 y/o5010
Felkins, BaileyFlag n/a10000
Ferriera, MontyFlag 49 y/o10000
Goodman, AveryFlag n/a10000
Goodman, MikeFlag n/a10000
Greider, JakeFlag n/a7010
Hafertepe Jr., SamFlag 33 y/o1010
Hahn, BlakeFlag n/a10000
Hanks, BrandonFlag n/a10000
Harris, NoahFlag n/a10000
Himebaugh, LayneFlag n/a20000
Howard, NicholasFlag n/a10000
Jennings, DannyFlag 44 y/o5120
Johnson, J DFlag n/a70000
Johnson, WayneFlag 47 y/o2110
Knight, TylerFlag n/a10000
Matthews, EricFlag n/a70000
Mattox, FredFlag n/a3010
McCarl, TerryFlag 54 y/o1110
McClelland, SeanFlag 44 y/o2110
Norick, LanceFlag 50 y/o20000
Randolph, JaseFlag n/a10000
Reber, TravisFlag n/a10000
Reutzel, AaronFlag 29 y/o10000
Seemann, RayFlag n/a20000
Sewell, AlexFlag n/a2010
Sewell, JaredFlag n/a10000
Stasa, JeffFlag n/a7010
Sutherland, ForrestFlag 33 y/o5010
Taylor, KadenFlag n/a20000
Topper, J RFlag n/a10000
Weaver, JordanFlag n/a00000
Westbrook, DylanFlag 20 y/o1010
White, HarliFlag n/a10000
Williams, TyFlag n/a10000
Wills, CaseyFlag n/a10000
Wood, DannyFlag 61 y/o2110
Wood Jr, JoeFlag 34 y/o20000
Woodruff, MikeFlag 56 y/o20000
Woodside, RandyFlag n/a20000
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