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NCRA 360 Sprint Series 2012 standings

Championship points standings for the NCRA 360 Sprint Series 2012

Most race winsFlag C J Johnson
Most podium positionsFlag C J Johnson

Nationality of participating drivers

96.4%U.S.A.Flag C J Johnson, Jeremy Campbell, Taylor Velasquez, Danny Lasoski, Mike Peters, Gary Taylor, Jon Freeman, Zach Blurton, Wyatt Burks, Luke Cranston, Taylor Milton, Kris Miller, Brian Herbert, Ray Seemann, Ty Williams, Mark Robe, Ricky Wright Jr, J D Johnson, Barry Gifford, Jordan Weaver, Koby Barksdale, Jeff Stasa, Justin Medlock, Forrest Sutherland, Michael Williams, Jordan Whitehead, Kaden Taylor27
3.6%AustraliaFlag Gavin Punch1

Individual driver statistics for the 2012 NCRA 360 Sprint Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Barksdale, KobyFlag 21 y/o0000
Blurton, ZachFlag 17 y/o000
Burks, WyattFlag n/a000
Campbell, JeremyFlag 28 y/o0
Cranston, LukeFlag 31 y/o000
Freeman, JonFlag n/a000
Gifford, BarryFlag 21 y/o000
Herbert, BrianFlag n/a000
Johnson, C JFlag 32 y/o1110
Johnson, J DFlag n/a000
Lasoski, DannyFlag 53 y/o000
Medlock, JustinFlag n/a0000
Miller, KrisFlag n/a000
Milton, TaylorFlag 18 y/o000
Peters, MikeFlag 60 y/o000
Punch, GavinFlag 49 y/o000
Robe, MarkFlag n/a000
Seemann, RayFlag n/a000
Stasa, JeffFlag n/a0000
Sutherland, ForrestFlag 26 y/o0000
Taylor, GaryFlag 30 y/o000
Taylor, KadenFlag n/a0000
Velasquez, TaylorFlag n/a00
Weaver, JordanFlag n/a0000
Whitehead, JordanFlag n/a0000
Williams, MichaelFlag n/a0000
Williams, TyFlag n/a000
Wright Jr, RickyFlag n/a000
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