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NCRA 360 Sprint Series 1997 standings

Championship points standings for the NCRA 360 Sprint Series 1997

Most race winsFlag Jon Johnson
Flag Mike Peters
Most podium positionsFlag Dennis Park
Flag Jon Johnson
Flag Shelby Steenson
Most podium positions without a winFlag Mike Chadd
Flag Jim Selenke
Flag John Blurton

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Dennis Park, Jon Johnson, Mike Chadd, Steve Gastineau, David Lee Lambert, James Shoun, Donnie Wilson, Geary Campbell, Don Clapp Jr, Mike Johnson, Jim Selenke, Kirby Hagans, John Blurton, Clay Bontrager, Rick England, Chris Cox, Roy Larkin, Jack Moulton, Danny Jennings, Larry Long, Shelby Steenson, Mark Robe, Ken Brewer, Edd French, Lowell Connell, Charlie Rishel, Larry Neighbors, Damon Kronk, Garry Lee Maier, C J Johnson, Abe Sherwood, Steve King, Marcus Jackson, Ryan Wellston, Larry Fletcher, Mike Woodruff, Kevin Hulse, Tim Burns, Larry Parson, Chuck Fairchild, Marc McChesney, Tommie Lee Williams, Tim Fricke, Doug Hamick, Tim Arnold, Mike Peters, Allan Unruh, Roger Bennett, Randy Richardson, Ryan Whitestein, Mike Reynolds, Dwight Schroeder, D J Bybee, Travis Scott, Matt Mercer, Joe Wood, Tim Long57

Individual driver statistics for the 1997 NCRA 360 Sprint Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Arnold, TimFlag n/a10000
Bennett, RogerFlag n/a10000
Blurton, JohnFlag n/a6020
Bontrager, ClayFlag n/a7010
Brewer, KenFlag n/a30000
Burns, TimFlag n/a20000
Bybee, D JFlag n/a10000
Campbell, GearyFlag n/a20000
Chadd, MikeFlag 32 y/o7020
Clapp Jr, DonFlag n/a20000
Connell, LowellFlag n/a10000
Cox, ChrisFlag n/a30000
England, RickFlag n/a60000
Fairchild, ChuckFlag n/a20000
Fletcher, LarryFlag n/a30000
French, EddFlag 52 y/o80000
Fricke, TimFlag n/a10000
Gastineau, SteveFlag n/a10000
Hagans, KirbyFlag n/a80000
Hamick, DougFlag n/a10000
Hulse, KevinFlag n/a40000
Jackson, MarcusFlag n/a60000
Jennings, DannyFlag 22 y/o30000
Johnson, C JFlag 17 y/o7010
Johnson, JonFlag n/a8230
Johnson, MikeFlag 42 y/o50000
King, SteveFlag 24 y/o60000
Kronk, DamonFlag n/a10000
Lambert, David LeeFlag n/a2010
Larkin, RoyFlag n/a8010
Long, LarryFlag n/a10000
Long, TimFlag n/a10000
Maier, Garry LeeFlag 37 y/o1110
McChesney, MarcFlag n/a20000
Mercer, MattFlag n/a1010
Moulton, JackFlag n/a30000
Neighbors, LarryFlag 25 y/o30000
Park, DennisFlag n/a8130
Parson, LarryFlag n/a20000
Peters, MikeFlag 45 y/o2220
Reynolds, MikeFlag n/a10000
Richardson, RandyFlag n/a20000
Rishel, CharlieFlag n/a60000
Robe, MarkFlag n/a10000
Schroeder, DwightFlag n/a10000
Scott, TravisFlag n/a1110
Selenke, JimFlag n/a8020
Sherwood, AbeFlag 36 y/o70000
Shoun, JamesFlag 35 y/o70000
Steenson, ShelbyFlag n/a8130
Unruh, AllanFlag n/a20000
Wellston, RyanFlag n/a10000
Whitestein, RyanFlag n/a10000
Williams, Tommie LeeFlag n/a10000
Wilson, DonnieFlag n/a10000
Wood, JoeFlag n/a10000
Woodruff, MikeFlag 34 y/o50000
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