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NASA National Championships - Spec E30 2019 standings

Race results for NASA National Championships - Spec E30 2019

1.Flag Daniel GoldburgBMW SpecE30Toyo
Pole position
2.Flag Olivier BellangerPanzer Performance/INGear/Fifteen52BMW SpecE30Toyo
3.Flag Robert GraceBMW SpecE30Toyo
4.Flag Eric PenningtonFASTtech LimitedBMW SpecE30Toyo
5.Flag Sylas MontgomeryRace GermanBMW SpecE30Toyo
6.Flag Robert CasellaNASANE/Casella RacingBMW SpecE30Toyo
7.Flag Carlos MendezBMW SpecE30Toyo
Fastest lap
8.Flag Brian CasellaNASANE/Casella Racing/VACBMW SpecE30Toyo
9.Flag Christopher AllenBMW SpecE30Toyo
10.Flag Jason GriscavageAKG MotorsportBMW SpecE30Toyo
11.Flag Jack CobettoNASAMA/Cobetto RacingBMW SpecE30Toyo
12.Flag Anthony Eng.BMW SpecE30Toyo
13.Flag Alex BarrosoBMW SpecE30Toyo
14.Flag Corey SmithBMW SpecE30Toyo
15.Flag Nick ThiemannFNTechBMW SpecE30Toyo
16.Flag Scott McKayBMW SpecE30Toyo
17.Flag Carter HuntChemStationBMW SpecE30Toyo
18.Flag Bryan LingruenTG Motorwerks/JeffSpecBMW SpecE30Toyo
19.Flag Raphael PratoBMW SpecE30Toyo
20.Flag Richard MontoniBMW SpecE30Toyo
21.Flag Raymond ZanottoSonoma Valley RacingBMW SpecE30Toyo
22.Flag Michael DaytonBMW SpecE30Toyo
23.Flag James MertzDeath Proof RacingBMW SpecE30Toyo
24.Flag Michael KovacDriveGear RacingBMW SpecE30Toyo
25.Flag Brian EdmondsBPE MotorsportBMW SpecE30Toyo
26.Flag Oscar EdmondsBMW SpecE30Toyo
27.Flag John OldtAssociatedrubber.netBMW SpecE30Toyo
28.Flag M.W. MontgomeryBMW SpecE30Toyo
29.Flag Scherf MontgomeryBMW SpecE30Toyo
30.Flag Cliff PearceBMW SpecE30Toyo
31.Flag Clay PearceBMW SpecE30Toyo
32.Flag James ColsonBMW SpecE30Toyo
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