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NAMARS National Midget Championship 2000 standings

Championship points standings for the NAMARS National Midget Championship 2000

Most race winsFlag Tony Elliott
Most podium positionsFlag Tony Elliott

Nationality of participating drivers

96%U.S.A.Flag Travis Welpott, Aaron Pierce, Tony Elliott, Dave Darland, Brian Gerster, Clay Klepper, Critter Malone, Marc DeBeaumont, John Wolfe, Jeff Flesher, Bill Baue, Shane Cottle, Bryce Kenyon, Steve Aplin, Matt Sandy, Tracy Hines, Jay Drake, Quinn McCabe, Ted Hines, Tim Spindler, Davey Ray, Chris Coers, Matthew Douglas Westfall, Ed Carpenter, Thomas Briggs, Chad Farmer, Jim Sawyer, Greg Lueckert, Joe Roush, Andy Pierce, A J Felker, Rik Forbes, Ronnie Clark, Marc Dailey, Kurt Mayhew, A.J. Fike, Douglas Cross, Rick Vaughn, Jeremiah Sillman, Aaron Fike, Dean Erfurth, James Baxter, Chad Davenport, Jeff McCloud, Wes Carner, Wayne Chinn, Dennis LaCava, Justin Marvel48
2%New ZealandFlag Michael Kendall1
2%AustraliaFlag Mike Figliomeni1

Individual driver statistics for the 2000 NAMARS National Midget Championship

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Aplin, SteveFlag n/a0
Baue, BillFlag n/a0
Baxter, JamesFlag n/a0
Briggs, ThomasFlag n/a0
Carner, WesFlag n/a0
Carpenter, EdFlag 19 y/o0
Chinn, WayneFlag n/a0
Clark, RonnieFlag 17 y/o0
Coers, ChrisFlag n/a0
Cottle, ShaneFlag 28 y/o0
Cross, DouglasFlag n/a0
Dailey, MarcFlag n/a0
Darland, DaveFlag 33 y/o0
Davenport, ChadFlag n/a0
DeBeaumont, MarcFlag n/a0
Drake, JayFlag 30 y/o0
Elliott, TonyFlag 39 y/o110
Erfurth, DeanFlag 43 y/o0
Farmer, ChadFlag n/a0
Felker, A JFlag 20 y/o0
Figliomeni, MikeFlag 36 y/o0
Fike, A.J.Flag 19 y/o0
Fike, AaronFlag 17 y/o0
Flesher, JeffFlag n/a0
Forbes, RikFlag n/a0
Gerster, BrianFlag 31 y/o0
Hines, TedFlag 38 y/o0
Hines, TracyFlag 28 y/o0
Kendall, MichaelFlag n/a0
Kenyon, BryceFlag n/a0
Klepper, ClayFlag n/a0
LaCava, DennisFlag n/a0
Lueckert, GregFlag n/a0
Malone, CritterFlag 31 y/o0
Marvel, JustinFlag 20 y/o0
Mayhew, KurtFlag n/a0
McCabe, QuinnFlag n/a0
McCloud, JeffFlag n/a0
Pierce, AaronFlag 26 y/o0
Pierce, AndyFlag n/a0
Ray, DaveyFlag 21 y/o0
Roush, JoeFlag n/a0
Sandy, MattFlag n/a0
Sawyer, JimFlag n/a0
Sillman, JeremiahFlag n/a0
Spindler, TimFlag n/a0
Vaughn, RickFlag n/a0
Welpott, TravisFlag 29 y/o0
Westfall, Matthew DouglasFlag 23 y/o0
Wolfe, JohnFlag n/a0
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