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Must See Racing Xtreme Sprint Series 2013 standings

Championship points standings for the Must See Racing Xtreme Sprint Series 2013

Most race winsFlag JoJo Helberg
Most podium positionsFlag Brian Gerster
Most podium positions without a winFlag Troy Decaire

Nationality of participating drivers

97.5%U.S.A.Flag JoJo Helberg, Brian Gerster, Brian Olson, Jacob Wilson, Aaron Pierce, Jimmy McCune, Troy Decaire, Mike Larrison, Jason Cox, Joe Swanson, Cody Gallogly, Chris Nuenschwander, Jerry Caryer, Jim Sheets, Kevin Blue, Jimmy Kite, Tim Cox, Cody Gerhardt, Jeff Bloom, Ryan Myers, Kody Swanson, Ron Koehler, Dave Baumgartner, Ryan Gillenwater, Darren Roberts, Davey Hamilton, Jr., Trevor Berry, Tom Tolbert, Zachary Gibson, Dave Saxer, Don Johnson, Brandon Whited, Tyler Underwood, Wayne Ganett, Tyler Roahrig, D J Hamilton, Sondi Eden, Joe Speakman, Teddy Alberts39
2.5%CanadaFlag Ryan Litt1

Individual driver statistics for the 2013 Must See Racing Xtreme Sprint Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Alberts, TeddyFlag n/a10000
Baumgartner, DaveFlag n/a10000
Berry, TrevorFlag n/a10000
Bloom, JeffFlag 63 y/o50000
Blue, KevinFlag n/a70000
Caryer, JerryFlag 56 y/o50000
Cox, JasonFlag n/a20000
Cox, TimFlag n/a20000
Decaire, TroyFlag n/a8030
Eden, SondiFlag n/a30000
Gallogly, CodyFlag n/a40000
Ganett, WayneFlag n/a10000
Gerhardt, CodyFlag n/a20000
Gerster, BrianFlag 44 y/o9270
Gibson, ZacharyFlag n/a10000
Gillenwater, RyanFlag n/a40000
Hamilton, D JFlag n/a10000
Hamilton, Jr., DaveyFlag 16 y/o40000
Helberg, JoJoFlag n/a9360
Johnson, DonFlag n/a10000
Kite, JimmyFlag 37 y/o80000
Koehler, RonFlag n/a00000
Larrison, MikeFlag 31 y/o80000
Litt, RyanFlag n/a3110
McCune, JimmyFlag 37 y/o6010
Myers, RyanFlag n/a80000
Nuenschwander, ChrisFlag n/a20000
Olson, BrianFlag 30 y/o8130
Pierce, AaronFlag 39 y/o9130
Roahrig, TylerFlag 22 y/o1010
Roberts, DarrenFlag n/a30000
Saxer, DaveFlag n/a10000
Sheets, JimFlag n/a30000
Speakman, JoeFlag n/a10000
Swanson, JoeFlag n/a20000
Swanson, KodyFlag 25 y/o3010
Tolbert, TomFlag n/a40000
Underwood, TylerFlag n/a20000
Whited, BrandonFlag n/a10000
Wilson, JacobFlag 23 y/o9220
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