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MOWA Sprint Car Series 2021 standings

Championship points standings for the MOWA Sprint Car Series 2021

Most race winsFlag Ayrton Gennetten
Most podium positionsFlag Ayrton Gennetten
Most podium positions without a winFlag Joe B Miller
Most fastest race lapsFlag Ayrton Gennetten

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Ayrton Gennetten, Clinton Boyles, Joe B Miller, Brandon Hanks, Cale Thomas, Josh Schneiderman, Jordan Goldesberry, Kyle Bellm, Korey Weyant, McKenna Haase, Dustin Barks, Kyle Schuett, Jeremy Standridge, Mitchell Davis, Jacob Patton, Andy Bishop, Steve Short, Logan Faucon, Zach Daum, Ryan Bunton, Austin O'Dell, Bailey Goldesberry, Scottie Gretzmacher, Kyle Stearns, Terry Babb, Cory Bruns, Luke Verardi, Jake Neuman, Terry McCarl, Chris Martin, Tasker Phillips, Brinton Marvel, Colton Fisher, Brayden Gaylord, Noah Samuel, Caden Englehart, Daniel Bergquist, Riley Goodno, Ben Wagoner, Austin McCarl, Paul Nienhiser, Chris Urish, Bret Tripplett, Dylan Tuxhorn, Robbie Standridge, Tyler Duff, Jason Keith, Joey Moughan, Parker Price-Miller, Noah Gass, Paul Haley, Dustin Clary, Robert Ballou, Chris Windom, Austin Archdale, Brayton Lynch, Chris Phillips, Broc Hunnell, Brady Parmeley, Ryan Timms, Aaron Rixmann, Ryan Edwards, Kameron Key, Justin Standridge, Landon Simon, Scott Milan, Will Armitage, Bobby Mincer, Tyler Shoemaker, Jeffery Masson II, Reece Saldana, Mario Clouser, Patrick Budde73

Individual driver statistics for the 2021 MOWA Sprint Car Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Archdale, AustinFlag 30 y/o30000
Armitage, WillFlag n/a10000
Babb, TerryFlag 54 y/o50000
Ballou, RobertFlag n/a1010
Barks, DustinFlag 36 y/o20000
Bellm, KyleFlag 30 y/o2010
Bergquist, DanielFlag n/a10000
Bishop, AndyFlag n/a70000
Boyles, ClintonFlag n/a1010
Bruns, CoryFlag 35 y/o60000
Budde, PatrickFlag n/a10000
Bunton, RyanFlag 37 y/o3010
Clary, DustinFlag n/a30000
Clouser, MarioFlag 32 y/o10000
Daum, ZachFlag 30 y/o90100
Davis, MitchellFlag n/a30000
Duff, TylerFlag n/a10000
Edwards, RyanFlag n/a30000
Englehart, CadenFlag n/a50000
Faucon, LoganFlag n/a80000
Fisher, ColtonFlag n/a10000
Gass, NoahFlag 17 y/o40000
Gaylord, BraydenFlag n/a10000
Gennetten, AyrtonFlag 21 y/o75502
Goldesberry, BaileyFlag n/a10000
Goldesberry, JordanFlag 30 y/o20000
Goodno, RileyFlag 18 y/o20000
Gretzmacher, ScottieFlag n/a10000
Haase, McKennaFlag 24 y/o20000
Haley, PaulFlag n/a30000
Hanks, BrandonFlag n/a9120
Hunnell, BrocFlag n/a10000
Keith, JasonFlag n/a30000
Key, KameronFlag n/a10000
Lynch, BraytonFlag n/a40000
Martin, ChrisFlag 24 y/o10000
Marvel, BrintonFlag n/a10000
Masson II, JefferyFlag n/a00000
McCarl, AustinFlag 28 y/o10000
McCarl, TerryFlag 56 y/o1010
Milan, ScottFlag n/a30000
Miller, Joe BFlag 30 y/o5030
Mincer, BobbyFlag 55 y/o10000
Moughan, JoeyFlag 36 y/o2020
Neuman, JakeFlag n/a8240
Nienhiser, PaulFlag 24 y/o51201
O'Dell, AustinFlag n/a60000
Parmeley, BradyFlag n/a20000
Patton, JacobFlag n/a90000
Phillips, ChrisFlag n/a10000
Phillips, TaskerFlag n/a10000
Price-Miller, ParkerFlag 23 y/o1010
Rixmann, AaronFlag n/a10000
Saldana, ReeceFlag n/a10000
Samuel, NoahFlag n/a10000
Schneiderman, JoshFlag 33 y/o10000
Schuett, KyleFlag n/a20000
Shoemaker, TylerFlag 36 y/o10000
Short, SteveFlag n/a40000
Simon, LandonFlag n/a10000
Standridge, JeremyFlag n/a90000
Standridge, JustinFlag n/a20000
Standridge, RobbieFlag n/a30000
Stearns, KyleFlag n/a10000
Thomas, CaleFlag 23 y/o20000
Timms, RyanFlag 14 y/o1010
Tripplett, BretFlag n/a30000
Tuxhorn, DylanFlag n/a40000
Urish, ChrisFlag n/a60100
Verardi, LukeFlag n/a40000
Wagoner, BenFlag n/a10000
Weyant, KoreyFlag n/a90000
Windom, ChrisFlag 30 y/o10000
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